Sagittarius Relationships

Sagittarius Relationships

sagittarius in relationships

2017 Sagittarius Love Horoscope:

A good year for the happiness seeker

A nice and beautiful year awaits the SAGITTARIUS of any age that wants to be happy and in love and fulfilled in its relations and friendships. Your desires will be carried out beyond any doubt. If you get engaged, you will do it seriously. All the ideal conditions are met to make this year one of best of your life. It only remains to you to know how to profit from the celestial graces and to enjoy fully the pleasures of love and the intimate joys of pure friendship.

Sagittarius in Relationships

How To Attract Sagittarius

If you want to attract a Sagittarius, you must be conversational with them – ask them about themselves and share stories with them. Do what you can to make them laugh. But, whatever you do, do not ask them about intimate details of their life. If you stay emotionally aloof from them, they are more attracted to you.

Outdoor fun – wild and wacky – is generally in order for the people of this sign, as they love activities. While Sagittarius are regarded as being easy to get a date with, it doesn’t mean it’ll happen. They have real commitment issues. Now, if you like spending with them, that’s fine. However, don’t be surprised if you have to move on or share them with other folks. This sign is all about fun and non-commitments.

What It’s Like To Date A Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius male is not the type to easily tie down. He loves the chase so while you’re trying to win over his heart, he may be out getting other women’s attention. When he tells you he likes you, he is being sincere. But, be warned! He may also be telling other women the same thing.

He’s not the sign that’s overly romantic – and he generally attracts women who love the idea of chasing. If you’re going to win this man over, you must be unassertive about love. Do not try and get him into an emotional commitment such as future together conversations. The Sagittarius male is perfect for females who don’t want a commitment or are scared of a relationship. Fearless, adventurous females will find the Sagittarius man is perfect for them.

What It’s Like To Date A Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius lady presents with a wonderful attitude and always out and about. A man who has plenty of energy and originality can find love with the females of this sign. Since she’s the sign that enjoys change and nonconformity, anything unplanned or last minute wins over her heart.

If you’re going to want to keep her, you must ensure she is happy. If she ever becomes bored or not happy, she won’t try and repair the issues tearing the relationship apart, she’ll just leave in a blink of an eye. Of course, happiness for her isn’t that difficult.

Be the friend she wants; love isn’t that serious to her anyway… at least not in the beginning. Give her freedom, do some flirting and be sure the relationship goes slow. Rushing the lady of this sign will only end in misery. Be sure you are honest – no mind games – adventurous and a positive person. If you’re lucky to date a Sagittarius woman, you’re in for a wonderful relationship that’s full of adventure.

Sagittarius in Love

I hate to be like a mother with a favorite child, but Sagittarius – with Aries a close second – happens to be my favorite sign. They are by far my favorite sign to DATE. And the reason I’ve dated so many of them? Well, let’s just say these people don’t have the most staying power, and I – as a Scorpio – tend to be a little much for them.

In love, these people are just so playful and friendly, how could you not fall for them instantly? They don’t take life too seriously – just seriously enough to have the rules of the game down pat. Love ‘em and leave ‘em – but when they’ve found The One (and most Sagittarians are such idealists that they really do tend to believe in The One, at least in an abstract sense), they’re around for good.

What to look for in a partner: you know what? I’m not even going to go waste my time re-typing this. Go read about Geminis. Don’t they sound perfect? Yep. You should be with a Gemini.

Love Traits

The main love trait of Sagittarius is to be straightforward in love – what you see is what you get. Sometimes they can be a little irresponsible but they care deeply. They are also likely to be a little jealous or possessive in a relationship. Sagittarians are ambitious people and usually experience success in whatever they choose to do – both in their careers and their love lives. They can be easily bored and open to temptation elsewhere. Sagittarians make great friends and have a gift with words – they can usually talk themselves out of any problem.

Sagittarius Male:

Sagittarius male know he’s superior and isn’t afraid to display his masculinity! He loves travel and foreign cultures and wants to explore new things. Sagittarius male is inclined to change his views frequently which makes him hard to keep up with. He is constantly looking to start something new – like a new business – but doesn’t necessarily have the attention span to keep it going. This is where a strong partner can help . Sagittarius male will have a large group of friends and is likely to be the center of attention telling all the best jokes at a party.
Sagittarius Female:

Sagittarius female changes her mind like the wind changes direction so prepare for a wild ride – she may love something today but tomorrow she is just as likely to hate it. Sagittarius female loves variety so get set to think up some cool dates . This lady is sure to be fun. She is very feminine but not dizzy – a real lady. She will be very supportive to her partner – but be ready for her next new project….and the next! Sagittarius female makes a real fun mom – the kind you find in the park climbing trees and riding bikes along with the kids.

Sign Compatibility Rating
Aries Aries will join you in your adventures enthusiastically and suggest a few of their own.  Heated arguments are forgotten quickly.
Taurus Your eyes are on the stars not on everyday practicalities, but someone has to bring you food and steer you round potholes in the ground.
Gemini You both have a restless, inquisitive spirit but it’s hard to build something solid on ground that is never still.
Cancer You can’t understand why your words produce so many tears and hurt silences.  But you might be able to jolly Cancer out of it.
Leo An endless round of parties and noise – until Leo feels you haven’t been respectful enough and retires in silence.
Virgo You’re good at telling the truth – but can you take it?  Virgo seems like a pushover but push too far all you’ll hear about all your faults.
Libra You enjoy Libra’s lively mind, but get impatient when you’ve decided what to do, and Libra is still endlessly deliberating.
Scorpio Scorpio inhabits the depths, you the heights.  Somewhere in the middle is a meeting place – but you probably won’t stop to look for it.
Sagittarius Passion, laughter, fun, adventure and loads of luck but you’re too alike to be lovers.
Capricorn When you want to fly your kite, you don’t want to be told it’s not windy.  Capricorn provides a steadying influence if you ever want to listen.
Aquarius Aquarius won’t try to tie you down, nor take offence when you tell the blunt truth.  Aquarius will try some way out things with you.
Pisces You’ll have to learn tact if you want to avoid the tears and emotional scenes.  Lead gently and Pisces will follow.


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