Sagittarius horoscope for today

sagittarius horoscope

Maybe you will feel slightly like an over strung harp at one point. You`re thinking about a huge number of things. But take it one at a time. If you let your thoughts get too scattered, they will chase each other around your head. Then you end up going in circles. Channel your energy in one focussed direction, instead of taking the broad brush approach. You really cannot speak your mind too openly before the 19th when Mercury moves into your own sign. Then you can really make yourself heard.
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November 23rd To December 21st

Sagittarius horoscopeThe horoscope Sagittarius sign is the Ninth Sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the Archer, a creature called a centaur which is half man and half horse.

The centaurs were renowned for their wisdom but when they drank they got really mean. Chiron was the oldest and the wisest centaur of all. He was taken in and educated by the gods. After learning all he could, Chiron decided to share his knowledge and tutored the great heroes of Greece. Among his students were Achilles, Acteon, Jason and Hercules.

In a tragic accident, Chiron was wounded with a poisoned arrow by his student and friend, Hercules. Because he was immortal, his wounds only caused him great agony. Chiron gave up his immortality to Prometheus.

To honor Chiron, Zeus set Chiron’s image in the night sky. This is the constellation Sagittarius. The Archer’s arrow is known as the arrow of truth. In mythology Sagittarius was the son of Saturn and Plyilyra who changed himself into a horse to escape his jealous wife Rhea.

Sagittarius is ruled by the Ninth House, which is the House of Religion, Foreign Travel, Higher Education and Philosophy. Along with Pisces, they are also ruled by the Twelfth House, which is the House of Secrets, Sorrows, and Self Destruction. They are the third of the Fire Signs and being one of the Mutable Signs, they are adaptable, balanced and are creative. Jupiter is their ruling planet and it is the planet of optimism, good luck, the higher mind, growth expansion, generosity, honesty, an enthusiasm for new experiences and their freedom and independence to enjoy all of these things. This sign represents wisdom, philosophy and traveling to far off and exotic places.

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  1. Astrobabe says

    People born under the sign of Sagittarius are often the most honest and straightforward of the entire Zodiac. They are spontaneous, outgoing, adventurous, and able to adapt to many different situations. They have a tendency to create an air of excitement wherever they go, and enjoy exploring new ideas, cultures, and beliefs. They enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has to offer, and may actually prefer spending time with animals rather than humans.

    A Sagittarius will enjoy being a “free” person, able to do whatever it is he or she desires. Any job taken by a Sagittarius must be something he or she enjoys, or it won’t be done well. They enjoy responsibility, and enjoy working hard at a particular task. However, menial tasks are not for the Sagittarius, as their attention is easily swayed in this situation.

    A Sagittarius generally enjoys being at home – and they tend to decorate their houses with the many possessions they acquire through the years. They enjoy spacious rooms, which contribute directly to their state of mind. Relationships for Sagittarius are difficult to find, as the partner must meet the high standards placed upon his or her head – they must be intelligent, understanding, warm, and have a great sense of humour. As well, they must allow Sagittarius to remain independent, as any constraint will cause the Sagittarius to bolt.

    A Sagittarius has a genuine interest in people and the world in which he or she lives, as well as the more spiritual world in which we all exist. They tend to be serious thinkers, but are prone to jumping to conclusions, and can end up rather narrow-minded if his or her social thinking is not fully developed.

  2. libra rose says

    Danny Ocean, James Bond – fictional characters, maybe, but almost definitely Sagittarians. You guys are the embodiment of cool – sometimes more in your head than anywhere else, but that’s okay. Philosophical, jovial, always described as “aristocratic,” (though the sense of humor can be a little bawdy, particularly if Scorpio makes an appearance in the personal planets), Sagittarians can match Aries blow for blow in a battle of adventurers.

    Please don’t get into a debate with a Sagittarius. I mean, do – they’ll charm you into it, and they like nothing better than debating – but watch yourself. It will either take hours without coming to a conclusion, or (more likely) you’ll just be getting into the conversation, blink your eyes, and they’ll have disappeared.

    This sign has an affinity for outdoor life, particularly where horses and dogs are concerned. Who knows why? Maybe it’s that weird half-man, half-horse who’s your sign. I think that’s how they usually explain it.

    Biggest Insult: Yawn in their presence.

    Quickest Way to Get Sagittarius into Bed: oh, this is not hard. A subtle stripping off of your clothes should do it.

    Most Likely to: outdrink anybody in the room.

    Should Have Been Born: in the CIA. Scratch that – Sagittarians can’t keep a secret. On a cruise ship, in an airplane – anything that’ll get them anywhere but here.

    To Make Sagittarius Forgive You: bring them a puppy to play with. Buy them a present. Make them laugh.

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