Sagittarius and Capricorn – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Sagittarius and Capricorn – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

sagittarius and capricorn compatibility

Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman

Sagittarius men and Capricorn women experience a lot of challenges in their relationships. As they are very different from each other, but they admire the attributes in their partner what they miss in theirs.

Sagittarius men are very funny and adventurous creatures, they are very friendly and outspoken. Sagittarius men are usually eccentric and amusing, but they are also serious and curious about life. So all in all Sagittarius people love life and all the challenges they lie ahead. The one important quality of Sagittarius men is that they do not easily take someone’s word, without asking a lot of questions.

Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman

A confusing relationship it can be but still, both the partners get to learn a lot from each other. The Sagittarius woman allows Capricorn man the freedom that he desires which allows him to seek the newness and novelty while he can teach her the benefits of planning the things ahead of time. A Capricorn is a person of wisdom. Both of the members of the couple show mutual respect for each other for their intellectual qualities and their relationship have love as a tie that binds them together with each other. The less expressive nature of Capricorn can make his woman feel as if she is not being loved although it only requires a keen observation to see the hidden feelings in a Capricorn man.

5 Pros Dish on Capricorn/Sagittarius

Melissa: Capricorn’s can learn much from the Archer, like how to let loose and live outside their box. Sag is not known for patience, however, and may not give Cap much time to keep up with them. But, Cap will bring an earthy sensuality to Sag’s fiery pace.

Celia: When you want to fly your kite, you don’t want to be told it’s not windy. Capricorn provides a steadying influence if you ever want to listen.

Jenn: The Capricorn’s ambitious ways could actually keep you on your toes and make you want to settle down with the Capricorn. Although you may find that the two of you can really get on each other’s nerves at times a solid commitment is the key to making this one work out.

Lidia: You need to make sure you give and take for this to work out. Capricorn can bring the sensible side to this love affair, while Sagittarius is the carefree half. Learning what each other needs is just a small part of making this turn into exactly what you are both after. Capricorn will have a few confidence issues to deal with, as Sagittarius can be very over powering and forceful, eager to take the lead. Sagittarius can make Capricorn see what difference having a positive, less stressed outlook on life can have and both of you will enjoy milking each other around to your way of thinking.

This is not about changing each other; you need to make up for the areas your partner fails in, making this the perfect partnership. Physically, you are well matched and although sex may be a bit slow to begin with, as Sagittarius holds back for Capricorn to catch up, it wont be long before you are both able to let your desires run away with you.
Laura: The grounded one meets the free wheeler in this pairing. Capricorn has much to offer the archer, especially when it comes to stability. If anyone can ground this free spirit it’s Capricorn. Sagittarius loves to roam, but can also get lost in the maze. Capricorn, being worldly itself, is able to fully appreciate Sagittarius’ global curiosity, but the goat also knows that taking a breather is crucial to reorganizing and re-energizing one’s self. In effect, Capricorn can help lift Sagittarius up to new heights. Sagittarius in turn can show Capricorn what it means to truly let go, This pairing will free up Capricorn’s mind, enabling him to see beyond regular routines and structure. Together they can become one powerful force, as both have excellent mental capabilities and both can provide each other with that missing piece of the puzzle – Capricorn lifts up, Sagittarius frees up. People around them will see them as world beaters, successful and as a truly entertaining.
Tracy: Capricorn is often cautious and seeks stability while Sagittarius can be careless and irresponsible. This could be an unsuccessful combination unless they find some common ground.

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Sagittarius and Capricorn Friendship

You will know that you’re close, yet the outside world will not have a clue.

Capricorn and Sagittarius  Relationship

As lovers:

WOW! When you two are in love you will conquer the world.

Long-term relationship:

Terrific futures are to be had with this match, but beware of jealousy.

Short-term relationship:

Lots of fun and intimacy will be found in the early days.

Sagittarius and Capricorn Sex

sagittarius and capricorn sex

From the soft lapping waves breaking on a white sand beach to the 1812 overture. It’s all there.

Capricorn Compatibility with Sagittarius Over all Score:

overall score 38%

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