Pisces and Virgo – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Pisces and Virgo – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

pisces and virgo compatibility

Pisces Man and Virgo Woman

The relationship of a Virgo woman with a Pisces man is among the ideal sort of relationship. Pisces man has a flattering attitude and has the ability to make his woman feel special. This attitude can make his Virgo partner attracted to him. Once Virgo starts loving someone, she puts all her efforts to make her love a perfect one as she always tries to seek perfection. One common trait is that both of them love to imagine and remain in the world of dreams although Virgo has a very rational approach. Virgo woman should avoid her critical attitude to avoid any conflicts in an otherwise happy relationship.

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman

The Pisces women and Virgo men might get along with each other or might not get along at all. The Virgo men are determined and very precise while the Pisces women live in a fantasy world. Being in love at the beginning might be the most important thing for both of them. Their initial attraction might be as strong as anything in the world. This strong attraction might be for a long term or might end at a very instant rate. This relationship can be very tricky. The Pisces women might make compromises or stay with the Virgo men and they might do the same, but both of them might even want to end the relationship due to totally different ideologies.

5 Pros Dish on Virgo/ Pisces

Melissa: Virgo will have to make sure the bills are paid, the kids are fed nutritionally, and everyone gets to their appointments on time, but Pisces is capable of deeply, unconditionally and passionately loving everything about Virgo. True Soul Mates.

Celia: You’re opposites – but Pisces brings a little magic into your world.

Jenn: The Pisces sense of humor and dreamy out look could be just what you need to loosen up a bit. The Pisces has a way of making you want to let your guard down and relax. The attraction here is almost magical. The excitement between the two of you will help to keep the spark going on and on.

Lidia: This is not a match made in heaven, but it can work out well if Pisces learns to let Virgo go and make decisions of their own. Pisces is very organised and likes to know what is going on with everything and can make any situations seem calm and easy to handle. Virgo is more of a dreamer and a rusher than a planner, so clashes are almost inevitable. If Pisces can let the control go, you can get over these problems and this alone should soften Virgo up a bit. You will share a lot of love and caring though; as you are both very emotional people and you can achieve anything if you are willing to pull together on all levels.

The best advice to give Virgo in this relationship is to act on the spur of the moment and become more exciting and daring. Then you will marry up with the Pisces desires to be impulsive and allow the passion to swamp the both of you.

Laura: The Virgo and Pisces couple can thoroughly enjoy a private, subdued existence together, yet they can still be emotionally secure and happy. These two won’t need to rely on the outside world as much as others do. They are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves with the scantiest of supplies. Pisces’ vivid imagination and far-reaching ideas are fodder for Virgo, who can ground not only them, but he can ground the Pisces partner. Pisces can show Virgo how to let go of inner limitations, without letting compromising high standards.

Tracy: Virgo and Pisces can be quite different but a great match is possible if Virgo can be patient with the sensitive Pisces. If they achieve mutual respect and love then they can bring out the best in each other; resulting in a harmonious and loving partnership.

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Pisces and Virgo Friendship

You two will be at your happiest when alone together.

Virgo and Pisces Relationship

As lovers:

A match made in the celestial heaven.

Long-term relationship:

Your personalities and characters should compliment each other well.

Short-term relationship:

Lots of intimacy in the first few weeks of meeting.

Pisces and Virgo Sex

pisces and virgo sex

Lots of long distance running mixed with a few short sprints.

Pisces Compatibility with Virgo Over all Score:

overall score 86%

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