Pisces and Pisces - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Pisces and Pisces – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

pisces and pisces compatibility

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman

The love relationship between Pisces women and Pisces men would be exactly like a dream. Both of them have similar thoughts, similar ideas and similar feelings. Both of them like to keep to themselves and would want to have an emotional connection before anything else happens. Both of them have similar ideologies and hence would get along great. There would however be one problem. Both the Pisces men and women live in dreams and are not practical at all. Both might face some problems in terms of practicality in life, keeping in mind the money issues and others as well. 

5 Pros Dish on Pisces/ Pisces

Melissa: A fine pair for daydreaming and taking care of others, but who will make sure their bills get paid on time?

Celia: Two starry eyed romantics – but no-one’s remembered to buy the milk.

Jenn:  This is one of the few same sign matches that can actually work out.  The romantic notions of these two dreamers keeps the passion alive.  However one of you will have to take over the more responsible role which since you are both dependent creatures.  This in not necessarily any easy task.

Lidia: This is a soul mate relationship as you both see very quickly into your relationship. You will be very in tune with each other, emotionally and physically, which makes all of those in depth conversation and sex truly fabulous! There are not many lovers that pay complete attention to the way you react to the slightest of touches in the bedroom and if there is one thing your partner will be good at, it is learning what you do and don’t want in that department! This over abundance of love can cause some jealousy every now and again, so try to speak about your feelings before you begin to read each other and come up with a mixture of interpretations.

Be prepared to take this slower than you want to and you can make it last a lifetime, rushing will only make you set goals for your love higher and you will get stressed because they are out of your reach within the time frames you set.

Laura: When a Pisces and Pisces enter into a relationship, it’s likely that the sensitivity will be heightened, which only adds to the potential for a strong, deep romance. This pair will be able to read each other with barely a word mentioned between them. Highly intuitive and very mindful of other people’s feelings, they won’t want to bruise each other very often, with hurtful comments or criticisms.

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Pisces and Pisces Friendship

These two as a couple have the same goals when it comes to friendship. Due to this a very strong bond between the two of you will be created.

Pisces and Pisces Relationship

As lovers:

As we know relationships take time and work, but with patience this combination can create a lot of unconditional love. The devotion between you both will be real and positive.

Long-term relationship:

Together as a couple you be able to take on the world and all that comes with it.

Short-term relationship:

There’ll be a lot of discussions towards the future and ideas that you both have together or individually. These will be an interesting first few weeks that can grow towards a more long-term relationship if wanted.

Pisces and Pisces Sex

pisces and pisces sex

These two signs together create a very Ying and Yang like narrative. There is no in between with these two signs, either the sex is going to be very hot or can be very cold.

Pisces Compatibility with Pisces Over all Score:

overall score 73%

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