Pisces and Cancer – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Pisces and Cancer – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Cancer and Pisces are a sensitive pair who can find kindred spirits in each other, sharing a deeply emotional connection.

pisces and cancer compatibility

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman

Pisces man and Cancer woman share many same aspects in their personality, mentality and nature. These similarities help them to smoother the fidgets in the relationship. The pair enjoys a good life if both of them are ready to make small sacrifices and compromises for each other. Pisces man wants to make his woman feel the best and Cancer woman gives her Pisces partner the attention, love and devotion that any man desires. A concealment of expressions from Pisces man can make the Cancer woman angry and her possessive nature may go against his solitude loving nature. With little understanding of each other, things can get better.

Cancer Man and Pisces Woman

The cancer men are sensitive men and no matter what they do all day, they need a loving home and a place where their partners are. The Pisces women love providing the affection and emotional attachment a cancer man wants and craves for. Both get emotionally attached and spiritually as well. Cancer men are also a few practical in terms of earning and saving money. This trait proves to be beneficial for the love relationship as one partner needs to be the practical one while other dozes off with love and affection. The relationship between Pisces women and cancer men runs smoothly. 

5 Pros Dish on Pisces/ Cancer

Melissa: You’ll meet heart to heart – emotionally and passionately – for long term bliss (as long as Cancer sees to making sure the bills get paid).

Celia: You look into Pisces’ eyes, like deep, dark pools, and see a soul who understands your fears, worries and sensitivities.

Jenn: With both of you being sensitive and caring, you should find the support you are both seeking in this relationship. The Pisces and their mysterious ways will always keep you on your toes while the Pisces will look to you for comfort and sympathy. The two of you seem to balance out nicely. Understanding each other seems to just come naturally to the two of you.

Lidia: This will be a quick to fall in love relationship without giving you much chance to breathe before you are both head over heals and making plans for the future. Pisces has an incredibly intuitive side and this will match Cancer very well, giving them all of the love and understanding that they need. With this kind of relationship, Cancer will feel comfortable explaining all of the fears and desires they have and this is a massive step forward for anyone tied with a Cancerian! Both of you have wild dreams and aspirations for the future and together you will from an unstoppable duo, wrapped up in your own little world.

This makes the bedroom a very exciting place for you both; with lots of imaginative, or even slightly erotic thoughts for your sex life. The only massive danger this twosome brings is over indulgence, sometimes you should try to say no, or you will not feel as good about yourselves on a personal level.
Laura: Few will ever be able to see inside this very secretive, loving union and that’s just fine by the Pisces and Cancer couple. Cancer’s sensitivity is what Pisces has longed for and Cancer loves to get lost in those sensitive, hypnotic eyes. Each usually knows what the other is thinking usually without saying a word – a look, or a bit of body language will usually tell them a whole story.
Tracy: A Cancer and Pisces pairing is likely to be a creative and intuitive bond. Sharing similar emotional needs they are likely to form a long-lasting and satisfying match.

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Pisces and Cancer Friendship

A close tie will be able to form due to your understanding of each other.

Cancer and Pisces Relationship

As lovers:

You can both be sensitive, caring and passionate.

Long-term relationship:

In the long term neither of you should get bored.

Short-term relationship:

On first meeting each other if the spark is right you will almost want to climb inside each others experiences.

Pisces and Cancer Sex

pisces and cancer sex

Sensual. Very sensual.

Pisces Compatibility with Cancer Over all Score:

overall score 72%

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