Libra relationships

Libra relationships

libra relationships


Libra In Relationships

How To Attract Libra

When it comes to attracting a Libra, that’s easy to do because of their easygoing, laid back nature. Above everything else, you should flatter and admire them, treating them like royalty. Libras have a real knack of talking about anything and everything but, most especially, for themselves. If you really want to make an impression on them, talk about them – their interests, hobbies, etc.

Libras are very diplomatic, being able to see things from the point of views of others. Get into a light debate about an issue and look at both sides to ensure the conversation keeps flowing. Be sure you dress nice and clean your home before their first visit over. First impressions have a real lasting impression on them. So, be sure you are yourself with them and you’ll be guaranteed a fun time.

What It’s Like To Date A Libra Woman

Libra women are regarded as both charming and enchanting. She’s also seen as a seduction master. When it comes to dating, Libra is all about the environment. It should be something that is classy and sophisticated with stylish ambiances – an elegant bistro for lunch combined with a walk in the park. The Libra women often feel peaceful and love that feeling.

Be sure you let her know how much you appreciate her, complimenting her often. She’ll bashfully reply to them; but, with every compliment she gests, she’ll glow brighter inside. After the newness of the seduction wears off and the relationship stabilizes, she’ll quit being so seductive. This doesn’t mean she’s lost interest; it only means she’s in love and is lazy now. It’s not uncommon for the Libra lady to sneak away from her mate for several days. Don’t worry! She’s just taking a break for the good of the relationship.

Be sure you are romantic toward her so she never loses interest. You can do this by putting love notes in her jacket or purse, sending her flowers – anything that she would find joyful, romantic and special.

What It’s Like To Date A Libra Man

Women often love a Libra man because of his charming, harmonious ways and the ability to relate to them on their level. Libra has a keen ability to view the world through others’ eyes. The males of this sign use this ability to seduce women, always working in his favor.

Libra men are always searching for the perfect woman… who doesn’t exist. Near perfect, however, is someone who appreciates him and loves being in his limelight. A woman who wants looks up and admires him. He loves flattery.

Libra men have a real problem with not be able to make decisions. However, he doesn’t like to be nagged about it because he doesn’t like the pressure. If he is unable to make decisions, you’ll need to do it. And, whatever you decide, he’ll go along with it and be happy with the control you took.

Libra in Love

It’s my humble opinion that Libras write more self-help books than anybody else.  These are the original problem solvers, and nowhere is this truer than in their relationships.  They’re represented by the scales, after all – what do you want?  They represent themselves through partnerships, explore themselves through partnerships: partnerships are the lens through which they view the rest of the world.

Libras can, then, be a little too picky about this and that and the other thing.  They’re on a constant clean-up crusade in the relationship.  Try not to be hurt by this – they need the change to stay interested (though this romantic sign would hardly admit it) and are really just trying to make things work!

What to look for in a partner: somebody very verbal; somebody who loves to go out as much as you do; somebody who doesn’t mind little hints here and there about the way they dress/talk/act.  Aries would be good for this – they probably won’t you up on those hints, but they probably won’t take them with more of a grain of salt, either.

Who is Libra Compatibile with?

Love Traits

The Libra love trait is to be romantic and charming but to keep their hearts at home. They are sociable and refined, yet enjoy to flirt. Librans are usually peaceful by nature and love to have romantic relationships, although they can sometimes be self-indulgent. They are good talkers and good listeners and tend to make good parents.

Libra Male Love Traits:

A ladies man by nature who is looking for that special person he can have his lifelong relationship with. Libra man is a bit of an action man who enjoys life and who also has the potential to be very successful in his career. He’ll always have lots of friends – of both sexes – but the most important person is his ‘other half’, who makes him complete.

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Libra Female Love Traits:

Love comes before everything else for Libra female, although family life comes very, very close. When she is in love she is completely in love and is happy to let everyone know about it. Libra female knows how to charm and she will always have potential partners waiting in the wings. She doesn’t like to be criticized so think twice before you say something that could upset her .

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