2017 Libra Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

2017 Libra Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

Libra Horoscope Daily

You may be too full of your own wealth and glory to notice dissatisfaction among the little people. It`s not too late to wake up and smell the coffee. Open your eyes and blur the defining lines that are breaking up your society. The hierarchy that you have chosen to enforce doesn`t fit well with the reality at hand. Step off of your throne and walk amongst the everyday. Looking beneath the surface will lead to some amazing discoveries. The same could be said to those who take the time to look at you. A little humility can only make you more charming.
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Yearly Libra Horoscope

As 2017 begins, Libra, you’re likely to be feeling somewhat relieved. This may sound a strange thing to say, since Jupiter, which is known as the planet of good fortune, growth and opportunity, will have only just departed your sign, in late October 2016.

However, when you look back at the year just past, you’ll notice that while there may have been intriguing developments, opportunities and perhaps even outright offers, Jupiter’s presence in your sign is also disruptive. You broadened your circle, met new people, saw new places and in the process experienced a shake-up in several areas of your life. In fact, sometimes what took place wasn’t merely exciting – it was overwhelming.
Consequently, now that Jupiter’s moved on to emphasise the practical side of your life, it would be no surprise if you were feeling a sense of relief. Being a Libra and somebody who needs balance in your life, you’re likely to devote the first two thirds of the year to re-establishing stability in various areas of your life, from the most personal to business and relationships.

Examining the year, it would be safe to say that 2017 can be divided into thirds. The first part, which continues until the all-important Libra full moon on 13 April, will be all about reviewing what took place during 2016, both offers and disruptive events. And it will be about allowing you to choose which of those opportunities you want to take to the next stage and which you feel ready to say farewell to. This won’t be easy, since when they arose you were excited about them. Yet, with Saturn, the most practical planet of them all, continuing to emphasise an analysis of who and what is in your best interests, the year is all about exactly that – about a down-to-earth analysis of what works and what doesn’t.

As a Libra, you’ll often put others in your life first. No sign has a greater gift for understanding and supporting those around you, partners in particular, but also family and friends. This is to such an extent that you’ll often neglect your own interests. One of your primary concerns during 2017 will be balancing these two, and in the process living up to the symbol of your sign, the scales, by balancing your attention to your own needs and requirements with those of others.

During the first third of the year, therefore, don’t worry if you seem to be focusing more on the past than the present. That’s as it should be. From that point onward – from the Libra full moon, on 13 April – you’ll be conducting a serious examination of various opportunities, both those from the year just past and those that arise as the result of discussions during this period.

Here, again, you’ll be thinking about what’s in your best interests. But it may not be until the year’s final third that you are able to make lasting decisions. It may seem a long wait. But once you understand that on 8 September Mars, the planet of ego and energy, moves into Libra, to remain there until late October, you’ll realise why it’s so important not to rush into such matters.

Mars takes two years to go around the Zodiac, and in the time since it was last in your sign, a great deal has happened. Because Mars is the planet of ego and of courage, its presence in your sign triggers a cycle of intense self-analysis, of personal review and, most of all, a period when you begin to recognise who and what is most important to you.

During this period, which lasts from 8 September until 23 October, therefore, you’ll find that it seems to be easier to focus on yourself, and to make clear-minded decisions about what you’ll take to the next stage into your life. This applies to the practical side of your life, to finances and work, to your romantic life and to close relationships. If there’s any area on which you’ll want to focus, it is those practicalities and finances.

With Jupiter having moved to accent this part of your chart, and remaining there until the end of November, there are bound to be opportunities. Here, again, it’s about balancing what you want to do with what’s wise. And it’s about asking tough questions. But, most of all, it’s about the kind of self-interest that is so difficult for you to achieve, particularly when it comes to using your other resources, not merely your money, but your time, your effort and even your love.

Once you’ve achieved a balance in this area, not only will you be able to make wise decisions, but the decisions you make will shape your life in wonderful ways for years to come.

2017 Libra Love Horoscope

You are likely to experience good feelings.

You would like to engage, and even to marry on a crush. It’s ok, but only during, the summer. Avoid the periods of Eclipses for your romantic relations. You attracted by the people who have a significant spiritual life, you like those which will make you progress in this area.


Jen London


Libra Suns have a reputation for being lazy, this however is untrue. Inability to decide quickly between two issues before taking the time to compare the pros and cons is what is often mistaken for laziness. Once the Libra Sun has come to a decision, they will undoubtedly put a plan into action. They simply prefer, if at all possible, to not go into a project alone as they would rather work with a partner. The truth be known, Libra Sun would rather not do anything alone. They are geared toward working with others, having interaction and social connections. There is a great amount of intellectual ability here if the planet Mercury is nicely placed, and they make great friends and conversationalists.

Some folks with Libra Sun rely too heavily on others, never wanting to go somewhere alone, or look for others to validate them. They can trivialize issues just in order to keep the peace. As well, this can sometimes cause the Libra Sun to lose friends, because they can try to play two sides of the net and get a reputation for being two-faced. This is simply a misuse of judgement that comes from a need of harmony and friends, but when it gets out of control, the Libra Sun can find him or herself unwittingly hurting others.

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libra rose

Whenever I think about Libra, I’m reminded of The Great Gatsby. Not Jay Gatsby, per se (who I’m convinced was a Pisces, actually), but his view of the world: elegant, refined, just. Of course, he was wrong, but it’s just a book – let’s focus on the world view.

Libras hold the highest possible standards, for themselves as well as everyone else (if they didn’t include themselves in that, it just wouldn’t be fair, and they are all about fair, these Libras). They are kind in their judgments, but never forget that they are passing judgment – as much as they don’t like to rock the boat, they will, in their own elegant way, make sure that the right thing gets done, even if they have to go to extremes.

Libras are the most tasteful sign of the zodiac, more so even than Capricorn, who (although possessing excellent manners and dress sense) is really more concerned with presentation. Libra is concerned with examination, and everything that entails, down to that goddamn notorious indecision.

If you have a pressing problem, invite a Libra to dinner – they’ll be happy to help.

Just don’t ask them to pick the restaurant

Biggest Insult: Why are you being so unfair?

Quickest Way to Get Libra into Bed: Good luck. These people are not about rush judgements. Make your case and give them a few weeks to evaluate it.

Most Likely to: Spend three hours torn between two pairs of shoes – and then buy them both.

Should Have Been Born: in a judge’s chambers.

To Make Libra Forgive You: explain the reasoning behind your actions and try to see their side of things – you’ll be amazed at how forgiving they can be.


People born under the scales of Libra have a strong sense of fair play and justice, and are always keen to co-operate with others on an equal playing field. In project work, Librans will usually find their own niche, and focus their efforts on their portion of the assignment, to make sure the work gets done.

The scales in the Libra indicate that life is also a precarious item which must be balanced, and Librans often find themselves bouncing back and forth between various stages – flirtatiousness vs. shyness, relationship-oriented vs. independent, goal-oriented yet free. Libras enjoy creating new projects and tasks, but often require a push from an external source in order to complete their task.

Libras often work more for the pleasure of others than for themselves, and often require praise for their work, living up to the standards of others rather than their own. In group tasks, Libras will often work hard until they notice someone else slacking off, at which point they will begin to ease up as well. They are overly-generous, which may sometimes lead to them being used, but it is a risk most Libras are willing to take.

In arguments, a Libra will almost always speak his or her mind. Others will begin to understand that a Libra will say what they mean, and appreciate them for this exact quality. On the other hand, when others fight, Libras are usually called upon as to mediate the argument. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, adherent to the scales of justice, and are looked upon as a natural peacemaker.

Libras crave knowledge, and have a particular interest in matters concerning other people and society as a whole. Rather than focusing on mathematics and logical fascinations, a Libra will try to understand the entire concept surrounding the situation. Relationships are very important to Libras, although new ones will continue to emerge through their lives.


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