Libra and Aries – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Libra and Aries – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Aries and Libra are polar opposites on the astrological wheel. Any relationship between the two will be full of sparks and require understanding if it is to work.

libra and aries compatibility

5 Professional Astrologists TalkAries/Libra

Melissa: Libra’s charm and adaptability suits the Ram. Sexually, sparks will fly if the Ram gives the Libra time for romantic verbal interludes (read them some poetry).

Celia: Don’t be fooled by Libra’s pleasant smile and gentle voice. They’re as determined as you are to have their own way.

Jenn: You two will probably end up clashing since you really are complete opposites. While you crave the need for constant motion the Libra strives for balance and harmony and will probably not be able to accept your risk taking tactics. You on the other hand will probably find that the Libra’s conservative ways are way to boring for you. This relationship will take a lot of work to keep it going. The word compromise will be at the top of the list here.

Lidia: This is an almost perfect partnership as you are at opposite sides of the zodiac, so in theory you should be able to support each other in all areas. The sexual part of your relationship may be a little disjointed to begin with, purely because Aries loves to be passionate and exciting in the bedroom, while Libra is tends to hold back a bit too much. This stems from the self-image Libra has of itself and only can your partner and friends make you snap out of this way of looking at yourself.
Take your partner off on a shopping spree, as Aries can steer Libra in the right direction to not only feel good, but look amazing as well. Aries love a good argument to vent all feelings that have been hidden away, while Libra does not react well to a good fight, so may tend to back away afterwards. Lots of support and compliments can win them back over though, but don’t use this trick too often!

Laura: The initial attraction between these two signs is a thing of beauty. Libra will thoroughly enjoy Aries’ direct and ardent nature. Aries is strongly attracted to Libra’s beauty. Aries will need to remember that most Libras prefer their counterparts to be polite.

Tracy: Libra is indecisive, peaceful and prefers calm. As opposite polarity signs there is likely to be a strong physical attraction here. With compatible ruling planets Mars and Venus this is a harmonious and romantic relationship.

Libra Man and Aries Woman

In a relationship, Aries woman and the Libra man find each other to be complementing each other and offering each other what either of them lacks thus a strong attraction is there between the two of them. Both of them have a friendly nature and this trait is loved by both of them. Libra man is blessed with the masculine beauty that can be captivating for many people. His attractive smile is his characteristic trait. The Aries woman gives support of all sorts to his Aries man to keep a balance. The Libra man loves to take care of his partner and shield her. Her jealous nature can be irritating for a Libra man after a safe limit. They should avoid opposition to make a good couple.

Aries Man and Libra Woman

A Libra woman and an Aries man form a loving and an amiable couple. They live a happy life together and their relationship is full of joy. A Libra woman has divine grace and beauty which makes it very easy for the Aries man to get attracted to her. Libra woman has the ability to guide others without trying to lead and dominate them and this perfectly matches the attitude of Aries man who does not like to be manipulated by others and wants to find his own way. Living together, there are almost no conflicts unless Aries let his ego take control of him.

Libra and Aries Friendship

You could well be the most social couple in the universe, and will make heads turn.

Aries and Libra Relationship

As lovers:

Plenty of excitement and all at a fast pace.

Long-term relationship:

Very high chance of this relationship lasting long term provided you keep a fun element in it.

Short-term relationship:

So much energy and ego will explode when you first meet that you may both put each other on pedestals.

Libra and Aries Sex

aries and libra sexually

libra and aries sex

aries and libra sex

Dynamic and energetic frolics in the hay.

Aries Compatibility with Libra Over all Score:

overall score 63%

libra compatibility with aries

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