Leo Relationships

Leo Relationships

leo in relationships

2017 Leo Love Horoscope:

Your love life will take another turning.

The year starts gently but in March your love life takes another turning. You meet the person of your dreams and you bind immediately. Assuming that you do that between March and mid-July, it’s perfect. Happiness is promised to you, your union will last. If you are already married or live in couple, be careful: an affair would complicate your life, especially in the case of a fatal passion as seen usually in the movies. Avoid wasting your time with someone that does not love you, otherwise prepare for a hard year! Friendship is more reliable and more durable. You would be right to invest energy there.

Leo In Relationships

How To Attract Leo

The key in attracting Leo is easy… all you need to do is admire them. Give them repeated advances and they’ll be yours in no time. Compliments are also good but not too much. Leos can feel this goes too far. Whether it’s real or not, they love attention.

Leos love entertainment so be funny and make them laugh. Leos also like the good things in life so take them out to an upscale event or extravagant dinner. You want to give them the best of everything; second best is not good enough. The people of this sign think nothing is too good for them – everything must be nice and classy including their mate. Be sure to remember that if you’re to charm the Leos on a date.

What It’s Like To Date A Leo Woman

If you want to date the Leo woman, you must give her love, respect and praise. If you don’t give her this, a relationship won’t work. When you’re with her, never turn your head at other women. She wants to know that you love her and only her. When a Leo woman feels she needs to compete with other women, it turns her off.

You should, however, prepare yourself to fight for her. Men, whether it’s deliberate or not, are attracted to her thanks to that alluring personality she has. Due to her undying affection and her ability to make you feel better, she is the ideal partner.

She is extremely supportive and has an adventurous streak, making her always fun to be around. Leo women love to dominate but she still craves the man to take the lead and approve her motives and moves.

The Leo woman is ideal for men who are affectionate and strong but not overly controlling. She wants a person that is passionate about things in their life and wants the best of everything… just like she does.

What It’s Like To Date A Leo Man

The men of this sign fall easily in love but that love typically will not last. The reason is that his emotional idea about love and the affair don’t last long. Rather, reality finally sets in. Leo men want women who are grounded and keep in check about life’s realities. She should be able to keep his head out of the clouds.

He may come across as casual and detached about love. But, this is further than the truth. He actually seeks approval and admiration. If received, he feels completely passionate deep inside and will treat his mate with total affection. He makes a cheerful companion to be with.

While a Leo man may come across as being unemotional and rock solid, this is not the truth. In reality, he’s an extremely sensitive creature. He desires a woman that will cater to his needs but not in an overly demanding way. He feels he’s entitled to this because of his “greatness”. These men tend to be self-centered but, underneath that self-centeredness, they have plenty of love to share with their mate.

Leos usually have no problem getting along with folks and any woman can be a suit for him. A woman doesn’t consistently nag at him and will cater to nearly all his whims has a better chance of the long-term relationship. Should this relationship lasts, his mate will need to show him that it’s not just him that’s great!
Leo in Love

Leo lives for relationships. Now, this might sound contradictory – after all, haven’t we talked about that famous Leo pride in self?

Well, there you go – that’s your answer. Leo is the most likely to accept their partner as a logical extension of themselves. It’s for this reason that they need to be proud of what their partner does, looks like, the way he or she acts – they would never be ashamed of anything they do and would shudder to think that their partner could cause them embarrassment. Luckily, they rarely do.

Leo’s affectionate – to the extreme – and very much needs to be shown affection in return.

What to look for in a partner: someone who’s as obsessed with you as you are with them. Someone who’s MORE obsessed with you than you are with them. An Aquarius – their outward focus will be good for you, if it doesn’t drive you absolutely batshit insane first.

Love Traits

Leo’s key love trait is to be completely faithful and loving.  Usually, Leo’s tend to be ambitious and extravagant (Madonna). They like to get their own way and to be themselves – they don’t like to suck up. Leos are also the performers of the Zodiac Signs and like to be the center of attention (Mick Jagger). Leos are born leaders who possess a strong desire for power – they also highly value loyalty.

Leo Male Love Traits:

Leo male is ‘Mr Magnetic Personality’. On top of that he likes to live life in the fast lane – a real dashing hero type. Leo male is bound to hold down a real good job and will surround himself with the luxuries that go with his success. A great guy to be with and around – but beware that he might just take you for granted without realizing.

Leo Female Love Traits:

Leo female wants to be boss – and often is. She is also quite materialistic and will want to be seen at  all the right restaurants, wear the best designer labels, take the most exotic vacations….you know the thing. Leo female is a perfectionist and nothing but perfect will be good enough – including her partners. The good news is that, deep-down, Leo female has a kind heart and will always help out friends in need.

Sign Compatibility Rating
Aries A hotbed of passion leading to emotional storms that blow themselves out quickly.  Someone to really enjoy life with.
Taurus Bulls like the well organised and stable life they’ve carved out for themselves. You probably won’t.
Gemini You feel compelled to offer Geminis the benefit of your wise advice – and – unlike some signs, they’ll smile charmingly while you do it.
Cancer It would be hard to succeed with Cancer, who seems so helpless, but who ignores your efforts to help and goes their own way.
Leo Who ever heard of two Lions ruling the pride?
Virgo Virgos are too undemonstrative for you but there’s much to admire.  You’ll get the best from Virgo if you frequently say so.
Libra There’ll be disagreements, especially when Libra’s being indecisive, mostly The Scale’s charm will keep you purring happily.
Scorpio Scorpio gets mean and moody when you want to kiss and make up.  You like others’ admiration, but it sends Scorpio into a jealous rage.
Sagittarius Harmonious and fun, fun fun!  Life in the fast lane with never a moment’s peace – until Sag’s arrows of truth produce a stand-off.
Capricorn You’ll love guiding the conservation Capricorn to more exciting horizons.  The Goat understands your need for prestige and status.
Aquarius Aquarius has a way of not being there – in mind if not in body – when you want to shower them with affection.
Pisces Here’s a delicate creature who could flower under your protective guidance.  But don’t try to tie down this spirit.

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