Daily Horoscope for Leo

Daily Horoscope for Leo

There is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be captivated by beauty whether you find it in a painting a story a piece of music or the elegant movements of your next-door-neighbor What would be detrimental to your health your reputation and your job performance -- not to mention intimate relationships -- would be to let that appreciation turn into an obsession Rather than trying to take control learn the subtle joy of appreciating from a distance
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Leo Horoscope- The Lion

July 24th to August 23rd

leo horoscopeHoroscope Leo the Lion, the fifth sign of the zodiac and the second of the fire signs, is ruled by the Fifth House. The Fifth House is the house of Romance, Love, Marriage and Creativity. This House symbolizes fun and games and tells us how we relate to children. Leo is symbolized by the mighty Lion.

In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, it tells of the story between two young lovers, Pyramus and Thisbe, who are forbidden to marry one another because of their families objections. They talk through a crack in the wall that separates their homes and make plans to meet outside the city beside a mulberry tree with white berries.

Pyramus was not there when Thisbe arrives and she is frightened by a Lion who is still bloody from a kill it made. Thisbe ran off but her veil fell in front of the Lion. When Pyramus arrives he sees the torn and bloody veil and assumes the Lion has killed Thisbe. Devastated, he takes his sword out and kills himself just as Thisbe comes running up to him. She threw herself over Pyramus and then takes his sword where she kills herself too. Their blood turned the white mulberries red, forever changing the color of them.

In Greek mythology, the Nemean Lion was a beast who had been roaming the countryside killing anything that got in its way. The Nemean Lion was also related to the infamous Sphinx that Oedipus encountered. The creature had terrorized the countryside for years and all weapons were useless against it.

Hera sent Hercules to kill the beast even though she hated him as an illegitimate son of Zeus. Hercules defeated the Nemean Lion and made a cloak and helmet from its hide. Zeus decided to honor this fight and put the fearsome Lion in the night sky. Leo is a Fixed sign which means they are courageous, determined, and with enough perseverance to see things through to their finish.

Leo Traits and Leo Personality

They are passionate and enjoy being the center of attention and expect people to naturally notice and approach them. If they do not get the attention they feel they deserve, they can be very hypersensitive and agitated.

Leos were born to rule and feel their friends and family are their loyal subjects. They are strong willed, dominant, independent and the most extroverted of all the zodiacal signs. Like the golden rays the Sun gives off to the Leo they have the allure, charm, and self confidence, they are at their best in positions of leadership. There is nothing complicated about the Leo with their altruistic, loving and caring manner. They do not abuse power and feel it is their right to reign over the people.

If Leos are suspicious and jealous of someone, sometimes they are not above showing arrogance, disdainful superiority, and an intolerance of those they feel are below them, but this usually quite rare for them.

Leos love life; they love to have fun; they love music, the theater, drama and entertaining. With their flair for the dramatic many Leos become stars of the stage and screen. Leos do not like being bossed around preferring to be in the position of authority and making the decisions, however, they would rather leave the minor details to others. They are excellent supervisors and managers and do things on a grand scale.

Leos love to give gifts to friends and family for the sheer joy of watching what pleasure it brings. They are very generous and if not careful can fall into debt. They want to attain wealth just so they can help others. They are not selfish or penurious because to them money is something that should bring pleasure and happiness.

In their relationships Leos are sincere, loyal, honest, and are very trusting. They are outgoing and outspoken and hold high moral standards and expect others to be the same. For the ones they love they will do everything for them but if let them down they become extremely disappointed and disillusioned. Their sexual drive is intense and their attraction to the opposite sex so strong they could become libertine and licentious yet they are ardent and fervent towards the ones they love.

They will most often act as the protector of underlings because of their kind and caring attitude.

Famous Leo Men/ Famous Leo Women

Madonna (b. Aug 16, 1958) ~ David Duchovny (b. Aug 7, 1960) ~  Robert Redford (b. Aug 18, 1937) ~ Tom Brady (b. Aug 3, 1977) ~ Martin Sheen (b. Aug 3, 1940) ~ Charlize Theron (b. Aug 7, 1975) ~ Sandra Bullock (b. July 26th, 1964) ~ Lisa Kudrow (b. July 30, 1963) ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger (b. July 30, 1947) ~ Wesley Snipes (b. July 31, 1962) ~ Barack Obama (b. Aug 4, 1961) ~ Ben Affleck (b. Aug 15, 1972) ~ Antonio Banderas (b. Aug 10, 1960) ~ Melanie Griffiths (b. Aug 9, 1957) ~ Robert De Niro (b. Aug 17, 1943) ~ Sean Penn (b. Aug 17, 1960) ~ Halle Berry (b. Aug 14, 1966) ~ Mick Jagger (b. July 26, 1943) ~ Geri Halliwell (b. Aug 6, 1972) ~ Bill Clinton (b. Aug 19, 1946) ~ Jennifer Lopez (b. July 24, 1969)

Leo characteristics

Duality, Triplicity, Quadruplicity Masculine, Fire, Fixed
Gemstones Ruby, Carnelian
Flowers Sunflowers, Marigold, Passion Flower, Celandine
Ruling Planet The Sun, The Center of Our Known Solar System
Cities and Countries Rome, Prague, Hollywood, Damascus, Chicago, Los Angeles, Madrid, Syracuse, Italy, Romania, Lebanon, Czech Republic
Colors Gold, Orange
Animals All Cats, Especially Big Cats
Trees Citrus Trees, Palm, Olive
Part of the Body Heart, Back, Spine
Polarity Aquarius
Lucky Day Sunday
Lucky Numbers 1, 7
Dominate Phrase “I Will”
Symbol The Lion
Herbs Rosemary, Rue, Peppermint
Metal Gold
Tarot Wands
Vedic Sign and Symbol Simha, The Lion

Leo Birthstone / August Birthstone


Jen London


Leo Sun will also enjoy being in the spotlight, and holding the attention of others. They identify with royalty and nobility, and as a result can be quite chivalrous and charming. There is a great deal of courage with this placement. Those born under Sun in Leo will have the courage to stand up for what the feel is right; never bending an ounce to status quo expectations. They also tend to be quite creative in whatever interests them, whether it is artistic or practical.

The fire in Leo is fixed, burning steadily throughout their lives. As long as someone is loyal to them, they make loyal partners and friends as well as great parents. However, if you insult the ego of the Leo Sun, hurt their mighty pride, you will no longer be in their graces. While a Leo Sun will stick with a partnership if her or she feels a sense of duty to it, if unhappy they will make sure everyone is unhappy with them. If you undermine the Leo Sun’s needs for self-confidence, they will have no use for you. However, if you disagree with Leo yet still take their pride into consideration without insult, you will be respected and have their attention, possibly even sway them.

The tough part of Leo Sun is that some folks become dogmatic, feeling that only their way is best. In a hard placement, it can show a need for attention, so much that they count on others to feed their ego. While Leo integrity cannot be compromised, with a rough upbringing, it can be skewed in a direction that is not conducive to their self-betterment. Leo Suns also have a tendency to get stuck in a rut of their own beliefs or habits and acting very stubbornly to those who would only like to help them improve.

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libra rose

Astrologers are pretty good at telling Leos what they want to hear: Dear Leo, you’re perfect. XOXO. The thing is that they’re sort of right. Leo attributes read like a laundry list for the perfect person: proud. Noble. Confident. Big ideas. Here’s the secret: Leo knows this. However, every now and then you can tap into a latent insecurity behind the (perfect) eyes glazed over from staring in the mirror too long.

Here’s the other big secret: Leo only wants to be loved. Offer them undying affection and admiration and they’re yours, forever.

Leos – more than any other sign – tend to physically embody the traits of their ruler, the lion. Thick hair. Intense eyes. A certain warmth about them. You know what pisses a lion off? When someone else tries to take over the pack. When their dominance is challenged. Don’t challenge their dominance.

Don’t make fun of them. DON’T EVER MAKE FUN OF THEM. Worship at the alter of Leo, and they’ll love you back.

Biggest Insult: That [referring to anything Leo has thought/said/done/worn] is so lame.

Quickest Way to Get Leo into Bed: One word: mirrors. Compliments work nicely too.

Most Likely to: Ruin your hairbrush. Spend way too long in the bathroom. Return your phone calls.

Should Have Been Born: in a palace. Really, any palace, anywhere. As long as they’re on the throne.

To Make Leo Forgive You: tell them how right they are, and how much you long to be back in their arms. Gag, right? Don’t worry about it. They won’t notice.


The Leo is symbolized by the Lion – the King of the Jungle. As such, Leos often like absolutely nothing as good as being the focus of attention, and display a great sense of pride and a strong will. They are very ambitious people, and often succeed in their goals.

Leos are, for the most part, considerable as well as ready to give of their money and time, particularly if it can make them look really goodin the view of others. Nonetheless, as non selfish as they can be, they also tend to feel that they must have the spotlight. During these times, Leo becomes overconfident, frank and outspoken, which can become a bit tiresome to those that don’t understand their nature.

Female Leos are generally a little more dominant, as they are in the animal kingdom. However, both sexes are usually sensible, philosophical, as well as faith based, which assists these people to receive their way of reasoning across. Leos are usually passionately interested in the complete opposite sex, too.

Leos are most likely to be lovers of nature and the beauty of the natural world. They are noble creatures, proud until the very end. They do not often seek battles but can be instigated into a duel. Although they sometimes lack tact and diplomacy, they always tend to fight their battles fairly. This is a most agreeable sign under which to be born, due to the generous basis that it entails.


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