Leo and Capricorn – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Leo and Capricorn – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

leo and capricorn compatibility

Capricorn Man and Leo Woman

Leo women and Capricorn men are very different from each other; they are practically opposite to each other. They both have very different attitudes towards life, like Leo thinks that Capricorn men are very inexpressive and quiet, and Capricorn thinks Leo women are very dramatic and impractical. But still they find each other attractive because there are other things they find attractive about each other, like the Leo love a capricious sense of humor and Capricorn men love the lively and bright nature of Leo women

Capricorn men are highly ambitious people are being very disciplined, and they prefer to live their life safely without taking any risks.

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman

The relationships between Leo men and Capricorn women is very difficult, as Capricorn and Leo have entirely different personalities and are opposite of each other, they have entirely different attitudes towards life. Capricorn women find Leo men very dramatic and impractical, and Leo men find Capricorn women inexpressive and quiet. But there are also some things that they like about each other, like Leo men love Capricorn’s sense of humor, and Capricorn women find Leo men very lively and bright. Capricorn women are usually highly self-disciplined and are very ambitious, and they want their life to be stable so they choose safer and tested routes through life.

5 Pros Dish on Capricorn/ Leo

Melissa: The Lion is a little too flashy for conservative Cap, whose black-and-white world puts a damper on Leo.

Celia: You’ll love guiding the conservation Capricorn to more exciting horizons. The Goat understands your need for prestige and status.

Jenn: You may find the Capricorn to be a little too confined for your tastes and the Capricorn will not appreciate your ability and need to take over everything. The Capricorn is used to being the one in charge and not likely to give in very often which will make you a less likely candidate for a good mate. This relationship can work though with a lot of effort on both parts but it may end up being more effort than it is worth.

Lidia: There isn’t a real amount of scope for the two of you really, as what one of you wants out of the life, the other wants the opposite. There will be a lot of disagreements after the first few months of seeing each other and this may be where you decide to re-assess what you are doing. Capricorn is just too serious and restricted compared to the free spirit of a Leo, who doesn’t like to be controlled in any way. Having said that Leo is by no means the angel, carelessly spending savings and being a bit too slap dash with flitting away the pennies!

However, all of this doesn’t mean you cant survive if you feel you have found your true mate, it just means it will be a lot more hard work. Make sure you both compromise and keep an eye on your stubbornness and you will get somewhere a lot quicker. Leo needs to swallow some of their pride to lead and Capricorn needs to let go of the money issues to keep Leo happy.

Laura: Capricorn will tend to bring out a more serious, steady side of Leo. Leo can liven up Capricorn somewhat and show the goat how to enjoy the fruits of his labor more often. If Leo has had enough of the wild side of life and is looking for a more stable relationship, Capricorn can be the perfect tonic. Both signs love status symbols and can work well together achieving a good standing in life.

Tracy: Leo and Capricorn are also likely to fallout over finances. Overall Capricorn may be too sensible and introverted for the outgoing Leo resulting in an unsteady partnership.

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Leo and Capricorn Friendship

Your best friends then true enemies then best friends again.

Capricorn and Leo Relationship

As lovers:

If I were your neighbor I would feel dizzy not knowing if you were in or out of love.

Long-term relationship:

Surprisingly, if you can handle the emotional roller coaster ride this combination can work remarkably well.

Short-term relationship:

As before. Your best friends then true enemies then best friends again.

Leo and Capricorn Sex

leo and capricorn sex

Being someone’s best friend or true enemy is a very powerful emotional state to be in. Provided you are both in the same frame of mind, time spent between the sheets will never be dull.

Capricorn Compatibility with Leo Over all Score:

overall score 27%

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