Gemini Relationships

Gemini Relationships

gemini in relationships

2017 Gemini Love Horoscope:

The hardest for him or her, will be to learn how to say no!

The year will be hard for the GEMINI, He or she will not be able to say no! He will marry, divorce, be reconciled and separated again, all that with the same person or different people. I joke but hardly, because the native of the two sexes will know intense hours of exaltation in his loves and affections, hours which could always last for ever and last. If you are not engaged, you will live amusing situations. If you are single, a nice date will occur between the mid-February and end-June and might finish by a marriage or a free union at the autumn. The hope to be happy in love reappears; the GEMINI sticks to his ideas and is faithful.

Gemini In Relationships

How To Attract A Gemini

Gemini folks love talking so if you want to really impress them, keep that rule in mind. Be sure you know what you’re talking about, as Gemini are often intelligent and know a lot about a lot of things. If you know what you’re talking about on a particular topic and they don’t, teach them. This impresses them because they may think they know it all but learn they may not know it all. Sometimes, it’s just the sheer fact they’re too busy to learn about these things.

Gemini men and women love it when people speak their mind. Get them involved in a friendly debate but nothing too conservative. They find conservative topics boring. Loyalty is a must with the Gemini. Break their trust and you may never get it again. Gemini is rather easy to date – any activity at any time is fine for them. Just remember that a Gemini is fun to be with… like a friend.

What It’s Like To Date A Gemini Man

The Gemini man is all of the following things:

– Clever
– Funny
– Charming
– Creative
– Adventurous
– Talkative
– Witty

The thing to remember is you must keep up if you’re going to stick around with him. The ladies are often drawn to the men of this sign due to their enthusiasm, vitality and appetite for life. If you want to win him over, you may have to compete with a few others. Be mindful that keeping him all to yourself will be hard to do, as he is the type to be capricious. He’s not the kind of person that allows a woman power over him.

Rather, he sees women as a sidekick, not a passionate lover. He adores women and can cleverly manipulate them into his bed. He’ll say whatever he has to do attain what it is he wants. He is the seduction master. If you’re just looking for a fling, the men of this sign is what you’re looking for.

What it’s Like To Date A Gemini Woman

Gemini women are very enchanting; however, a date with her feels more like you’re out with a friend than an actual relationship. And, the reason is her spontaneous nature. This isn’t a full disadvantage especially to men who also have a spontaneous nature and don’t like overly romantic emotions. Gemini women have the duality sign, which means she is a real challenge. In one way, she must be loved and nurtured. And, in the other way, she must have stimulation.

A Gemini woman can be extremely demanding, and if she’s not given what she wants, she’s moving on to another adventure. It’s a real challenge to keep the Gemini woman interested but that’s not impossible to do. Thus, she is the ideal woman for a man who loves challenge and stimulation.

The Gemini lady must have a partner who is quick thinking and who doesn’t mind some emotional poking and prodding. She’s also quick witted so be sure you can keep up with her. If not, you may find yourself alone. The ladies of this sign are known for their keeping men at a distance until she completely looks him over and determines that he’s worth her time and attention.

After he’s gotten her approval, jealousy can rear its ugly head. It occurs because she doesn’t want to feel like she’s going to get hurt or betrayed when she finally opens up. If you’re dating a Gemini woman and you notice she’s jealous, you know she’s falling in love with you. Since they are so exciting to be with, they are worth your every effort; a person they are likely to remember.

Gemini in Love

Gemini, more than any other sign (barring Sagittarius), draws less of a line between sex and the other parts of their lives. These people love to sleep with their friends – partially because they associate a good conversation with romance, partially because it keeps things interesting, but mostly because their friendly feelings and their romantic feelings are so often inseparably intertwined.

Once in love, they bring a passion and an enthusiasm to the relationship that’s unmatched (again, except possibly by Sagittarius). Much like anything that Gemini has enthusiasm for, this will be expressed verbally – aren’t we great together? Isn’t this so much fun? And you know what? It will be.

What to look for in a partner: well, if it’s not clear from the above description, I just don’t know. A Sagittarius. A friend. Somebody who loves to talk every bit as much as you do. Somebody you can stand to listen to for more than thirty seconds at a time.

Love traits

One of the main Gemini love traits is to be a ‘love butterfly’ – moving to whatever (or whoever) catches their eye next. That said, Geminis are thoughtful, generous & charismatic. They love to help others and thrive on change. Geminis tend not to seek out the limelight but it sometimes finds them. Geminis are sociable people and, so, are easy to get along with. In fact, their personalities are infectious, making them a real pleasure to be with – most of the time. Geminis truly are chameleons who have it in themselves to mix easily with any company. Could be hard to tie down to a long-term relationship unless you really know how.

Gemini Male Love Traits:

A sophisticated charmer who is almost always fun to be around. A true individual who has the potential to give conflicting signals during your conversations. Likely to have mood swings, which will make you wonder if he actually likes you or not. Worse still, he can quite easily upset or offend people without realizing he’s doing it. Gemini man is guaranteed to be a constant source of surprises.

Gemini Female Love Traits:

The Gemini woman is renowned for have a dual personality but that makes for an interesting relationship. Great at forming relationships and, like Gemini man, a real charmer. Not the most practical person, though, and doesn’t really have a great head for managing finances – that’s what a partner’s for, silly!

Sign Compatibility Rating
Aries Aries’ enthusiasm matches your curiosity.  A lively companion as you ride off into life’s adventures.
Taurus Resign yourself – once the Bull’s mind’s made up, they’re immovable, however sweetly you talk or flutter your eyelids.
Gemini There’s not enough time for all the talking the pair of you want to do!
Cancer When the Crab’s gone into a silent withdrawal, you’ll find plenty to amuse you.  But you’ll grow restless at the emotional agonisings.
Leo Your charm and flattery makes you an excellent Lion tamer.  But it won’t prevent every Leonine lecture on the error of your ways.
Virgo You can bounce all your ideas off of Virgo’s sharp mind.  You admire (and secretly need) their stability but all that talk of duty turns you off.
Libra A great companion, someone who’ll willingly talk into the night with you – but not much will actually get done.
Scorpio The sexual magnetism’s there – but your roving eye will push Scorpio into jealous rages.  Sexual fidelity is a must.
Sagittarius Dashing and daring, you’ll fly to the moon together.  Don’t play clever mind games with Sag – the luck’s on their side.
Capricorn If you want Capricorn to be as lively and adventurous as you, you’ll have to drag the Goat, kicking and screaming.
Aquarius A stimulating companion, a great social life, but Aquarius’ honesty and openness sometimes has you squirming.
Pisces You’re easily bored but Pisces keeps you interested by being a hundred different people in a day.  Their emotions are confusing.

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