Aries and Gemini – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Aries and Gemini – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

There is a great chance for fun and passion in this match. The two signs are compatible in many ways. Gemini being able to work around Aries, for example, means that it, as an air sign, will fuel the passion and happiness of fiery Aries, brightening their flame. This makes for a couple that has a lot of fun together and it is important that neither person takes the other for granted.

aries and gemini compatibility

5 Professional Astrologists Talk Aries/Gemini

Melissa: You’re both balls of energy, but yours is the physical kind while Gemini is into verbal stimulation, creating an out-of-sync sexuality.

Celia: Bubbly, excitable Gemini suits your mood and won’t try to tie you down. Together you can go to the end of the rainbow.

Jenn:You two should be very happy together. You both seek variety and have a sort of restless nature. With your not being afraid to take risks approach and the Gemini always breaking the rules, you two should never be bored! The Gemini will have it’s hands full always putting you first but when the effort is made you will be only to willing to reward the Gemini. This relationship is full of wild fun and good humor which is the bond that will hold the two of you together.

Lidia: With Aries and Gemini you have instant attraction and sex appeal flowing through the two of you and this will lead to a very active sex life. The bedroom can almost become a competition ring as you both fight to be the one with the latest idea to bring into your bed, to excite situations even more! Gemini’s tend to be on the ball and always looking for amusing comments to come out with, the one always entertaining and paying attention to whoever you are with.
This can bring out the jealous side of Aries a bit too much, so make sure you keep a lid on it, to prevent unnecessary arguments. One thing a Gemini doesn’t like it to feel is controlled, so Aries have to ensure they give as much freedom as possible for this to work. This is the perfect friendship though and the two of you can be pals for life, no matter what way your relationship swings.

Laura: Aries will captivate Gemini with the swiftness that Gemini needs, in turn Gemini will intrigue Aries with not only the ability to keep up, but in adding more to boot. Aries will need not to step on Gemini toes too much, as they are more sensitive than they may appear.

Tracy: Gemini is an air sign- this aligns with Aries as air fuels fire. Astrology suggests this means Gemini can help Aries to fulfill their full potential. Many Arians will be drawn to the sociable Gemini but the Aries propensity to dominate can arouse the Gemini’s defiant nature. This couple may regularly bicker as both enjoy a good argument

Aries Man and Gemini Woman

Aries men are always friendly and have a creative nature. An Aries man can win anything he wants in his life as well as the woman of his dreams. Aries men are honest and faithful, and are always ready to help anyone. They love to lead by birth and when they are in love with Gemini women, they always act as a mental buddy and are always ready to help her fulfill her dreams. Gemini women are a little aloof and can sometimes restrict the Aries’s man’s warm spirit, but some adjustments can help them live and stay together all their life.

 Gemini Man and Aries Woman

Gemini man has a calm and nonchalant nature and he always tries to avoid anything which can put his freedom on the stake. With an Aries woman, he lives a happy life full of love. Aries woman supports her Gemini man by all means and loves to do so. Her witty mind is admired and loved by the Gemini man. During physical contact, Aries woman is more demanding and Gemini man is not compatible with her in this sense as both have different views regarding love making. Any conflict that arises in the relationship is due to the possessive nature of Aries woman and carefree nature of Gemini man. 

Gemini Man Aries Woman in regards to relationships

Aries Man Gemini Woman in regards to compatibility

Aries and Gemini Friendship

You will share many intimate thoughts and secrets about those around you.

Gemini and Aries Relationship

As lovers:

You will be able to communicate and excite each other easily.

Long-term relationship:

A very good chance of success.

Short-term relationship:

An instant bond will form that will be very special and intimate.

Aries and Gemini Sex

aries and gemini sex

aries and gemini sexually

gemini and aries sex


Hot, Cold, Hot, Hot, Cold.

Aries Compatibility with Gemini Overall Score:

overall score 75%


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