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Thoth Tarot Review

Thoth Tarot–  is a very powerful deck designed to serve as illustrations for his Book of Thoth, “a short essay on the tarot of the Egyptians”. The tarot deck that Aleister Crowley and his friend the artist Lady Frieda Harris together made does not only contain Egyptian elements. It is rich in magickal, astrological and […]

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Shapeshifter Tarot Review

  I bought this deck sight unseen because I had heard so many people rave about it, and it is, indeed, a magical, enchanting deck. Lisa Hunt’s ethereal images draw you into ancient Celtic shapeshifting lore. D. J. Conway and Sirona Knight, coauthors of the text, apparently had the original idea, and they explain shapeshifting […]

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Medicine Woman Tarot Review

MEDICINE WOMAN TAROT DECK REVIEW Medicine Woman Tarot created by Carol Bridges published by US Games Systems, Inc ISBN:0-88079-419-4   The deck has a very strong Native American feel but the accompanying booklet says it is tribal and not strictly North American. Throughout the accompanying booklet there is a call to honor Mother Earth. The […]

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Hanson-Roberts Tarot Review

The Hanson-Roberts deck remains a perennial favorite among Tarot readers for good reason. With friendly open faces in her figures combined with soft colors, this is a deck that is used by many Tarot readers for public readings. While some may find her drawings childish, I think the innocence of the cards makes them perfect […]

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