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2017 Cancer Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

Cancer Horoscope Daily

Unique ideas are well-received and supported as you start to carve out a niche for yourself and those with whom you associate. The Stars give you enough charm to make you a credible leader. The best part is that you can back up your charm with outright charisma and cunning intelligence. Your talents might be wasted if your schedule does not include at least some social activity. Leave a few blanks in your planner for those unexpected invitations that may arise. Don`t bump anyone out in order to spare a spot, though.
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Cancer Yearly Horoscope

If there’s one key word for 2017 for you, Cancer, that word is ‘balance’. During the year you’ll have an opportunity to balance what you already do – your activities, habits and objectives – with certain new elements of your life. While some will be exciting, others will involve various obligations and practical matters.

Ever since the middle of 2016, when the down-to-earth Saturn moved into the part of your chart that has to do with your resources, you’ve had to think carefully about how you use your time, money and ideas. Saturn remains in this part of your chart for all of 2017. This means that in various ways and on various occasions, some completely unexpected, you’ll need to account for what you’re doing with your resources.

What’s more, with Jupiter, the planet of growth and opportunity, accenting what you most enjoy, you’ll be busy. Add to that the inspiring Neptune accenting joint ventures and partnerships, and what these planets bring into your life during the year will give you good reason to think about your priorities, and to analyse whether you’re getting the best from your time. This may seem a rather clinical approach, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart and activities you’re passionate about. But if you don’t keep close track of what you do, you simply won’t be able to fit everything in. And it is for this reason that balance is your theme.

While the year may not be a one of dramatic change, as was the case during 2016, what it will do is enable you to improve on the changes you did make. This is especially the case around the time of the eclipsed new moon, on 29 March, when exciting ideas will lead to opportunities beyond anything you’d previously have imagined possible.

Still, because the emphasis is on making the best of what you have, on refining and balancing what you’re already doing and ensuring that, when opportunities come your way, you get the best from them, you’ll have many questions, far more than you usually do.

As a Cancer, one of your great strengths is your combination of enthusiasm about life combined with a practical caution. This practicality is emphasised this year, and the care with which you approach new ideas will yield benefits for many years.

It would be difficult to underestimate the importance of the influence of Jupiter in the most creative angle of your chart during 2017. Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the Zodiac. And after several years of hard work from 2015 until last year, while Saturn was in your sign, you’re now remembering how to take pleasure in life. Consequently, the fact that Jupiter currently accents who and what you love most in life – from activities you enjoy to close relationships with friends, family and particularly with children – is well timed. Ironically, however, after having had to bear so many burdens, when things go well, you’re almost suspicious. But you’ve no reason for worry. What you must do, however, is concentrate on timing, ensuring that there’s balance in your life. That means doing what you must do, but also providing time to enjoy who and what brings you the greatest happiness.

All too often those born under the sign of Cancer will focus first on practicalities, second on the needs of others – and only after that, on their own interests and well-being. However, because 2017 is all about balancing these, you’ll find that you’re actually able to relax and enjoy them.

By no means will you be alone. On the contrary, discussions with others will be extremely illuminating. In fact, during the year, the more willing you are to be open about both your hopes and your anxieties, the more you’re likely to learn from exchanges, and sometimes with the most unexpected of individuals. Don’t restrict your discussions to those you know and trust. There may be concerns you’ve been keeping to yourself or there may be situations you were afraid would boil over if you addressed them openly. But, judging by the planetary activity of the year, the more willing you are to be open and discuss issues, the more support you’ll get from those around you.

But, ultimately, this is a year during which you’ll balance life’s duties with its pleasures. If you make that your primary objective, then not only will you benefit from the year’s greatest opportunity, but you’ll also benefit for years to come.

 2017 Cancer Love Horoscope

You can make the Stars lie.

In January it’s happiness, then suddenly the things become more complicated in the conjugal life. Too many obligations and extra work, moves you away from one to the other. There might be a conflict between the professional and the private life. You can avoid this state of being, by doubling your presence when you are together. The summer will bring you closer. If you make concessions and you love passionately, you can make the Stars lie and avoid falling into that trap. Some CANCER will separate, some will divorce, but it will be a minority. For sure, it is not time to engage yourself in marriage, but luckily, the affection of parents and friends will warm your heart with heat.


Jen London


Cancer Sun folks will enjoy domestic activities, home life, and family are major priorities in their lives. They identify with those they love, and anyone loved by a Cancer Sun will know that they will always be there for them. These are very complex folks, with a great deal of fear for emotional and mental instability. A Cancer Sun will most often use their Moon or rising sign to express themselves, as they tend to put a protective wall around how they really think and feel. This is a self-defense mechanism, as the person with Sun in Cancer feels so much that they have an instinctive need to protect themselves from hurt.

Once a Cancer Sun gets a project going, just move out of the way. Not only are they great at handling a project or task from beginning to end, they dislike interference in their work. If you are kind to this person, they will let you have whatever you want, but be careful. If you have not won the love and respect of these people, you may never know what they feel about you on the inside. A person completely out of the graces of a Cancer Sun will know it, however, as the Cancer will snub, ignore, and if pushed, will find any other non-combative way of letting you know you aren’t welcome, plain as day. Cancer Suns are non-combative by nature, you see. Like the symbol the crab, chances are they will side step an uncomfortable issue rather than have to face it head on. Confrontation might lift the veil from their hidden sensitivity, which is something they will attempt to avoid at just about any cost.

An important thing for folks with Cancer Sun to watch for is the tendency to love too much. Cancer Suns can unintentionally smother and strangle those they love. Cancer Sun Moms can be very overly protective of their children. There is also a proclivity toward moodiness as well. While the Cancer Sun is often intuitive and sensitive, this may show outwardly as mood swings and inconsistency.

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libra rose

You know that guy you dated? That one with mommy issues? Go check his birthday. Ditto for any girl you dated with daddy issues, but this is really most pronounced in men. Either his mother’s perfect – and nobody will ever. possibly. be able to live up to her – or she’s a complete loser who’ll be lucky if he makes it to her funeral.

No, seriously. Get past the issues and these are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. They’re the kind who tear up at commercials, the kind that will come over with Indian food even when you didn’t ask for it, the kind who stare soulfully into your eyes.

Sometimes they’ll also hug you so hard you think you’re going to vomit. Watch out for that.

Biggest Insult: You really hurt my feelings.

Quickest Way to Get Cancer into Bed: Make big eyes. Bigger. Like a Hummel doll. Act slightly domineering – dare I say, parental?

Most Likely to: cook you a fancy dinner. Make you gag talking about their families.

Should Have Been Born: in medieval times. One village, where you know everybody and everybody’s at home? And Mom lives next door? Who could ask for anything more?

To Make Cancer Forgive You: Get his mother on your side. Make big eyes again. Cancers really go for those big eyes.


People born under the sign of Cancer are quite curious and certainly the most complex creatures of the Zodiac. Their main concerns are for emotional security and tranquility, and they tend to be deeply sensitive people. In matters of personal safety, a Cancer will almost unendingly battle towards achieving their security. They are very conscientious people, and have a great sense of responsibility towards others. When they are able to focus their efforts, they will almost always achieve their goals.

Typically, people born under the sign of Cancer will be extremely difficult to understand. Others will view Cancer as shy and evasive in public, but this is merely the image a Cancer will sometimes portray. Often, Cancers are open, loyal and protective to those close friends and family whom they trust. They can also be temperamental, however, and will be subject to fits of sulking and self-pity. They have the greatest love for life, and can be quite pleasant and cheerful, but can also wield a double-edged sword in that they sometimes display themselves as being egotistical and vain.

A Cancer may often also display the awkward trait of being passive-aggressive, which may lead to a great deal of stubbornness on their part. A Cancer will almost always pay a great deal of attention to detail, and usually is a very punctual, exact, and efficient person. They are also of their own mind, and will seldom be talked into a situation in which they do not wish to partake.

Cancers are notorious for being good listeners and are emotionally sensitive. When they encounter problems, they are more apt to brood over the situation than seek solace or a solution to their problem. Deep down, all Cancer wants is to feel safe, secure, and loved, and Cancers usually bear a strong domestic urge, making them quite apt to settle down and create a loving family. A Cancer often does well in relationships because of their diplomatic sense – stepping back at the opportune times to avoid confrontation, yet always handling the situation adeptly. They tend to have a solid memory in this regard, never forgetting that which has occurred.


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