Cancer horoscope for today

Daily Horoscope for Cancer

Expressing your feelings and putting emotions into words will prove less of a problem than usual for a few weeks. Though watch you are not putting on too much style, speaking more for effect than content. You may not be practical or good with tiny details at the moment, but you will be highly entertaining, and rather mischievous. What you lack in discipline you will certainly make up for in fun. There should be plenty of laughter around you. You appreciate your own ideas, and would like listeners to be appreciative as well. Just don`t exaggerate too much to make an effect, or embroider the facts to make a good story.
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Cancer Horoscope- The Crab

June 22nd To July 23rd

cancer horoscopeThe horoscope Cancer is the Fourth Sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the crab, a creature with a hard shell that protects a soft interior. In Greek Mythology when Hercules was fighting the nine headed monster Hydra, Hera sent a little crab to attack Hercules. When the little crab bit Hercules toes he crushed it. Hera paid tribute to the little crab’s bravery by placing him up in the sky giving him immortality.

Cancer is the first of the Water Signs making them emotional, sensitive and giving them intuitive and psychic powers. Cancer is also one of the Cardinal Signs which means they take the initiative and never wait around for someone else to start things up. This sign is ruled by the Fourth House, which is the House of Home and Family. This House describes our parental home and what influenced us growing up and describes how we relate to our family. The relationship to the Father is found in this House.

Cancer Traits and Cancer Personality

The Moon rules Cancer and it symbolizes our feelings, emotions, dreams, subconscious, our inner selves, our moods and even our sexuality; how we handle relationships and our emotional responses to given situations. It gives us our sensitivity, making our family and home of primary importance. The Moon reflects our Sun’s inner light projecting to the world our personality, and also symbolizes our domestic environment, babies, small children, our mother and other important women in our lives. Feelings are what motivates Cancers and any situation that overwhelms them they will retreat into their protective shells.

People born under this sign are called Moon Children because the many changes of the Moon affect these people. Their moodiness is well known even if they’re a bit hard to understand. One time they will be the life of the party, laughing and joking around and no one loves a practical joke more than a Cancer.

Then they can go completely south with their melancholy and depression. If they bite your head off for asking for walking in front of them you’ll know they’re going through their crabby stage. Fortunately these moods don’t last long.

They love to collect things, especially historical or antique mementos, and even after collecting so much stuff they could open their own second hand shop, they will outright refuse to part with any of it. They are just too sentimental over anything that belongs to them.

Cancers are compassionate and caring people whose deepest need is a stable and harmonious home. To them it is a respite from the harsh world. While they are romantic they can also be very insecure causing them to be jealous and possessive. Like Aquarians, Cancers need time for solitude and need their time to be alone. They love their homes and Cancer women are the most maternal women of the zodiac. With their sensuality heightened, Cancer men can be prone to having affairs but yet remain steadfastly loyal to their spouses. Both sexes are very unselfish of giving their love. Like Taureans, Cancers need relationships that are committed and well defined. They are very family oriented and are close with family members, especially their mothers. They love children and make wonderful parents.

They also make very loyal friends as well. Once a Cancer decides to love you, they will not let you go. It is almost impossible to lose the friendship of a Cancer.

They are great organizers, have an innate sense of value and are dependable. With their imaginations in over drive they have an affinity towards anything artistic and literary. You would think drama was their middle name the way they always seem to have it in their lives. They are usually great money managers but must be careful not to get swayed by the moment in financial matters.

Famous Cancer Men/ Famous Cancer Women

Pamela Anderson (b. July 1, 1967) ~ Gisele Bundchen (b. Jul 20, 1980) ~ Philip Seymour Hoffman (b. July 23, 1967) ~ Jessica Simpson (b. Jul 10, 1980) ~ Liv Tyler (b. July 1, 1977) ~ Jerry Hall (b. July 2, 1956) ~ Tom Cruise (b. July 3, 1962) ~ Sylvester Stallone (b. July 6, 1946) ~ Tom Hanks (b. July 7, 1956) ~ Harrison Ford (b. Jul 13, 1942) ~ George Michael (b. June 25, 1963) ~ Vin Diesel (b. July 18, 1967) ~ Forest Whitaker (b. July 15, 1961) ~ Ricky Gervais (b. Jun25, 1961) ~ Will Ferrell (b. July 16, 1967) ~ Vincent D’Onofrio (b. June 30, 1959) ~ Robin Williams (b. July 21, 1951)

Cancer characteristics

Duality, Triplicity, QuadruplicityFeminine, Water, Cardinal
GemstonesMoonstone, Pearl, Alexandrite
FlowersWhite Rose, Larkspur
Ruling PlanetThe Moon, Which Governs Intuitions
Cities and CountriesNew York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Venice, Berne, Scotland, Holland, New Zealand, North and West Africa, Algeria
ColorsSilver, Sea Green
AnimalsAll Those With Shells
TreesAll Trees, Especially Those Rich in Sap
Part of the BodyThe Breasts, Stomach
Lucky DayMonday
Lucky Numbers3, 7
Dominate Phrase“I Feel”
SymbolThe Crab
HerbsTarragon, Verbena
Vedic Sign and SymbolKarkata, The Crab/Circle

Cancer Birthstone / July Birthstone


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libra rose

You know that guy you dated? That one with mommy issues? Go check his birthday. Ditto for any girl you dated with daddy issues, but this is really most pronounced in men. Either his mother’s perfect – and nobody will ever. possibly. be able to live up to her – or she’s a complete loser who’ll be lucky if he makes it to her funeral.

No, seriously. Get past the issues and these are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. They’re the kind who tear up at commercials, the kind that will come over with Indian food even when you didn’t ask for it, the kind who stare soulfully into your eyes.

Sometimes they’ll also hug you so hard you think you’re going to vomit. Watch out for that.

Biggest Insult: You really hurt my feelings.

Quickest Way to Get Cancer into Bed: Make big eyes. Bigger. Like a Hummel doll. Act slightly domineering – dare I say, parental?

Most Likely to: cook you a fancy dinner. Make you gag talking about their families.

Should Have Been Born: in medieval times. One village, where you know everybody and everybody’s at home? And Mom lives next door? Who could ask for anything more?

To Make Cancer Forgive You: Get his mother on your side. Make big eyes again. Cancers really go for those big eyes.


People born under the sign of Cancer are quite curious and certainly the most complex creatures of the Zodiac. Their main concerns are for emotional security and tranquility, and they tend to be deeply sensitive people. In matters of personal safety, a Cancer will almost unendingly battle towards achieving their security. They are very conscientious people, and have a great sense of responsibility towards others. When they are able to focus their efforts, they will almost always achieve their goals.

Typically, people born under the sign of Cancer will be extremely difficult to understand. Others will view Cancer as shy and evasive in public, but this is merely the image a Cancer will sometimes portray. Often, Cancers are open, loyal and protective to those close friends and family whom they trust. They can also be temperamental, however, and will be subject to fits of sulking and self-pity. They have the greatest love for life, and can be quite pleasant and cheerful, but can also wield a double-edged sword in that they sometimes display themselves as being egotistical and vain.

A Cancer may often also display the awkward trait of being passive-aggressive, which may lead to a great deal of stubbornness on their part. A Cancer will almost always pay a great deal of attention to detail, and usually is a very punctual, exact, and efficient person. They are also of their own mind, and will seldom be talked into a situation in which they do not wish to partake.

Cancers are notorious for being good listeners and are emotionally sensitive. When they encounter problems, they are more apt to brood over the situation than seek solace or a solution to their problem. Deep down, all Cancer wants is to feel safe, secure, and loved, and Cancers usually bear a strong domestic urge, making them quite apt to settle down and create a loving family. A Cancer often does well in relationships because of their diplomatic sense – stepping back at the opportune times to avoid confrontation, yet always handling the situation adeptly. They tend to have a solid memory in this regard, never forgetting that which has occurred.


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