Aries and Cancer – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Aries and Cancer – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Cancer and Aries love compatibility is something that depends on how good each person in the relationship can be at understanding and accommodating their partner, because a lot of differences exist between them underneath the surface.

aries and cancer compatibility

5 Professional Astrologists Talk Aries/Cancer

Melissa: Comfort craving, nurturing Cancer gets scorched by the Ram.

Celia: The Crab’s pessimism puts a damper on your natural enthusiasm and confidence. Cancer understands your insecurities

Jenn:This match is not a match made in heaven. The domesticated and shy Cancer will have a hard time taming your enthusiastic ways. Likewise you may find the Cancer to be too complex and boring to stay with for very long. However if you can learn to stop looking for new territories to conquer and can settle down with the home-loving Cancer, this can result in a beautiful relationship filled with trust and security.

Lidia: The best thing about these two star signs is that are both incredibly intuitive and you should be able to work out what each other wants or needs over time. Cancers are great confidence boosters and they always know the right thing to say at the perfect moments, so you are likely to feel very sure of yourself Aries, when in a relationship with a Cancer. Aries must put themselves out a limb to give constant reassurance to their partner to make this relationship work.
Sex between the two of is very loving and passionate, especially when you make up after a jealous argument! Aries want everything done here and now, yet Cancers are all too willing to shop around for the best deal and time over what they will choose, and this can cause a big clash. Work on who is responsible for what at an early stage and then there is no reason for you not to agree about situations as and when they happen.

Laura: Both signs like to initiate action and these two will want to make things happen. Cancer will try to keep up with Aries, because the ram is seen as an intriguing challenge. Both may want the lead, but once again, Aries will likely win out in that department. Cancer’s sentimental side often pulls on Aries’ heart strings, as Aries fully appreciates Cancer’s emotional depth.

Tracy: Many Cancer signs hide their feelings and may act stronger than they really are. As the sign can be prone to moodiness and may sulk for long periods this clashes with the fun and direct nature of Aries. This combination of water and fire sign could be successful if they work together using both action and emotion in a positive manner.

Cancer Man and Aries Woman

Aries woman and the Cancer man differ in the way they express their feelings. Aries woman is of impulsive nature and a Cancer man remains calm and keeps his pose. Aries woman has a governing nature whereas Cancer man loves to be governed and this makes a good foundation for the relationship. But Cancer man can get hurt by the nonchalant attitude of Aries woman. Both the male and the female love each other and value love in the relationship but have different views regarding love. Money can also be an issue of debate for the two as both have separate views regarding spending and saving of money. Basically, there is a difference in nature but the relationship may work fine.

Aries Man and Cancer Woman

Talking about cancer woman and man, both are not really compatible for each other and trying to find a way will be like trying to live a life full of compromises. Happiness and sadness will follow heel. This is mainly due to the violent nature of the Aries man. Whenever he is in distress, he starts shouting out loud and a mess is there for the neighbors. On the other hand, a cancer woman is very soft natured and has a calm attitude but the laziness and ignorance of the responsibilities of the Aries man can make her really angry. The couple needs to negotiate and compromise in various matters to start a happy life.

Aries Man Cancer Woman in regards to relationships

Cancer Man Aries Woman in regards to compatibility

Aries and Cancer Friendship

This relationship works best if you don’t live in each others pockets.

Cancer and Aries Relationship

As lovers:

Can be hard work. Works best if the eldest partner is the arian.

Long-term relationship:

If you are both prepared to put the effort in you will have a good long lasting relationship.

Short-term relationship:

Lots of emotion. Tears, laughter anguish and happiness.

Aries and Cancer Sex


aries and cancer sex

cancer and aries sex

aries and cancer sexual compatibility

Satisfaction will not be acceptable. You will both want a little bit more.

Aries Compatibility with Aries Overall Score:

overall score 49%

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    I am a full born Aries, my love is Aries our relationship is hot when we are in each other company there’s no patience when we are in each other company.

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