Astrology signs and the meanings behind them

Astrology signs and the meanings behind them

Astrology signs are interpreted to learn about a variety of things. There are a lot of meanings behind astrological symbols and many have been interested enough to study them and understand them deeply. With the help of these experts, people are now able to appreciate the meaning behind these symbols and the role that it plays in each and everyone’s lives.

There are many astrology signs in existence. There are astrological signs for the sun, the moon, and even the planets. The most popular, however, are the twelve sun signs. These sun signs are more commonly referred to as the Zodiac. Since the sun represents and rules over the will power of man and his individuality, the twelve Zodiac signs can identify your personalities, your traits, your potentials, as well as the path you should take to maximize your life.

The moon signs reflect something different about a human being. Just as the sun rules over the individuality of man and what makes him or her unique, the moon rules over the feelings and emotions of man. By knowing your moon sign, you can better understand how you react to different situations in your life. Everything about astrology signs reflects something about a person and his life. It has been said that astrological signs are already linked to an individual at the very moment he or she was born. There are different factors that act upon each astrological sign. How these elements affect your sign determines your uniqueness and what type of individual you are.

First of all, your sign can either have each of these two elements – the Yin or the Yang. The Yin is a female element while the Yang is a male element. This does not have anything to do with your gender. It only affects how you view the world. Planets can also affect your sign. Different planets rule every sign and how each planet moves and revolves around a particular sign can affect the individual. If for example, you are ruled by the planet Venus, representing love, you are most probably an individual who cherishes love and anything related to it.

Elements, such as fire, water, air, and earth can also affect your sign. Each of these elements reflects different attributes. It would depend on which natural element is acting on your sign to determine your personality and your characteristic traits. Lastly, each sign possesses a different quality. Your sign can be cardinal, fixed, or mutable. This factor also tells a lot about your individuality. Learning astrology signs can make relating to other people much easily, thus leaving room for more peace rather than hatred and war.

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