Solar Return: What does it symbolize?

Solar Return: What does it symbolize?

Wouldn’t it be great to know where the emphasis of your life will be from birthday to birthday? How useful would it be to know where the focus of the year will be in terms of growth and recognition? There is a powerful astrological tool, the solar return, that tells this information and more. The […]

Mars in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Mars in the 1st house: Great activity going on now in your life. However it can cause difficulty with relationships during this time. Do as much work now as you can and keep busy. Forceful behavior, a need for motion and physical exercise, a coarse and unrefined style, crude, direct, energetic, vigorous, tireless, bossy, enjoy […]

Saturn in the Houses of the Natal Chart

  Saturn in the 1st house: Now you can “learn” internal growth. Your 14 year period since this planet has been in this house you were involved with others mainly about interaction. The more you can understand yourself and try to improve the better this transit will be for you. A strong sense of self, […]

Venus in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Venus in 1st house: Express yourself now and relate to others on a wonderful level of feeling. A friendly and genial personality; artistic demeanor, connoisseurs, chic, enjoy sensual pleasure and love, sociable, want to have good contact with others, conciliators, sometimes passive and yielding, diplomatic. Venus in 2nd house: Handle things well now and don’t […]

Jupiter in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Jupiter in the 1st house: Discover yourself now. You feel secure now..gain new experience and learn. People will love you now and be drawn to your magnetic self. The magnetism of Jupiter is strong now. An interest in travel and the search for knowledge; have a desire to learn about foreign countries, philosophy, languages and […]