Aries and Aries – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Aries and Aries – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

aries and aries compatibility

Aries Woman and Aries Man

An Aries Man always seeks adventure and never fears to plunge into any challenge put in front of him. Rather he loves challenges as a part of his nature and has a carefree attitude. A similar attitude is shown by an Aries woman. Although both the partners of the couple share same traits and have the same views, yet there can be conflicts between them as they share same negative aspects too. Both are outspoken and aggression is part of their nature which can be annoying and irritating for both of them. A relationship may develop with mutual understanding and some compromise on the part of both of them.

Aries Aries Compatibility

This is a combination of two very passionate people; quick to love, quick to anger. They could have met, been to the altar and the divorce tribunal before most people have shared their first kiss. It is a cardinal fire sign – direct, impulsive and somewhat brash – and acts with passion and enthusiasm; if sometimes lacking persistence, patience or endurance.

Expert Opinions

Melissa: Like-minded, you create a fiery and competitive combination. Good for passion, but too much will burn you both out.

Celia: Two Chiefs and no Indians.

Jenn: You two should be able to get along very well. You share the same optimism and neither of you are afraid to take any risks. Your enthusiasm and pioneering spirits will bind you together and keep your relationship from ever becoming boring. Yes, it is a challenge to couple with someone as independent as you are, but it may be the grand, glorious challenge you’ve long awaited.

Lidia: This has the makings of being a very strong relationship, as long as you and your lover take it in turns to control what is going on. This includes time spent in the bedroom, Aries are very sexual people and you both enjoy taking the lead and dominating each other, but this must be a shared role. You should find the two of you connect very well as you have similar physical interests and hobbies.
The only important thing you must ensure is that you keep each other’s confidences boosted, otherwise you will move away from each other on a mental level and become interested in others, who are willing to tell you how good you look! Two Arians normally make a very attractive couple, as Aries traits are always pleasing to the eye and you are bound to receive many admiring glances from passers by when you are out together.

Laura: These two people won’t have a humdrum relationship, as both have a natural attraction to adventure. Aries women love being chased and an Aries male is all too willing to oblige. One will want to lead the way, as Mars rules both signs. That does not inevitably mean that the man will lead – many Aries women have strong leadership skills too

Tracy: An Aries/Aries relationship can become a competition to see who can be in control. As both will probably be career-oriented they may give importance to their jobs. An advantage with this astrological union is that it will be dynamic and there will be no lies or suppression, yet there may not be much prudence, reason or level-headedness either.

Other Aries and Aries Compatibility facts:


You will get on like a house on fire. Really on fire! Although there will be a great deal of mutual respect there will also be a feeling of superiority from both parties.



When you argue it will be with passion. When you love each other it will be with passion. Very intense.


A great combination provided you both know when to back down.


Mutual admiration, fun, excitement and challenges.

Aries and Aries Sex

aries and aries sex

Some like it hot and some like it like an inferno. Which one are you .

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