Aquarius and Leo – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Aquarius and Leo – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Leo and Aquarius make for an excellent love match. They are two very different signs but their differences should spice up the equation, while also providing balance to the more extreme traits of each person’s character. This ultimately makes for a relationship that’s more balanced than other like minded signs.

aquarius and leo compatibility

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman

Leo women and Aquarius men are opposite of each other, but they are attracted to each other, as you know opposites attract. Leo women rely on personal expressions, in contrast Aquarius rely on groups. But due to all their differences in attitudes towards life, they give balance to each other in their relationships.

Leo women are very polite and generous and they are friendly towards their dear and near ones. And they really like an audience whenever they are doing something. And they have great organizational skills and they what should be done to control a project in any condition.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman

The theory “opposites attract”, works here as the Aquarius women and the Leo men are exactly opposite in nature. While the Aquarius women love to explore and be in groups, the Leo men want to keep to themselves and believe in one’s experiences. Leo men are realistic and practical people. They love to have a balanced life. In such a situation, the Aquarius women lead an ideal life and want to have fun. In a love relationship, it is always important to have one sane person if the other one is a little insane. And so, the very opposite in nature men and women attract each other and balance out the love relationship. It is said that both, if in a relationship, explore each other’s personality and have a different and friendly love relationship.  

5 Pros Dish on Aquarius/ Leo

Melissa: Tolerable and spontaneous Aquarius is just right for the Lion – a very passionate pair.

Celia: Aquarius has a way of not being there – in mind if not in body – when you want to shower them with affection.

Jenn: The Aquarius does not have any patience with those who try to change them. This may be hard for you to accept since you like accepting difficult challenges. You may end up shying away from the Aquarius after your attempts seem to fail. You will have to work hardest at making this relationship work out but if you put in the effort and give the Aquarius their time and space this relationship can be a long lasting, happy one.

Lidia: This probably won’t turn into anything long-term unless you are prepared to throw every once of energy into your love life. To begin with, situations and sex will seem too good to be true and you will both find you are incredibly happy with the way things look. Once you slip into that everyday routine you are in for complete disaster as it will be all down hill from there. Arguments will be plentiful and you will find the damage this causes to both your self-esteem and your relationship is near fatal. Aquarius must remember to make Leo number one, not be ready to help out everyone else and their neighbour out all of the time instead.

Leo must accept that Aquarius will never give them everything they need in love and accept what can be offered instead.Relax together, have time apart and talk most importantly, without arguing, about how you feel.
Laura: Both of these signs will be able to see eye-to-eye through their social activities. The two of them enjoy people in group settings, although each sign looks at gatherings slightly differently. Leo being more inclined to want to be the center of attention, while Aquarius will also roam but more in a probing, curiosity-driven manner. Leo will have fun with Aquarius’ strange and unexpected twists, while Aquarius will admire Leo’s way of asserting himself in the world. With Aquarius’ brilliant ideas and Leo’s excellent implementation, these two can make things happen in the world.
Tracy: Leo and Aquarius can both learn a lot from each other though arguments can result with both being stubborn and proud. A compatible match is possible if they achieve mutual love and respect with excellent communication.

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Aquarius and Leo Friendship

Fireworks could happen the minute your eyes connect. You will be good friends when you both like each other but don’t be surprised if you fall out occasionally.

Leo and Aquarius Relationship

As lovers:

Not the most loyal of relationships with many dark clouds on the horizon.

Long-term relationship:

If you respect each other enough your relationship will be a solid bond but you must be liberal minded.

Short-term relationship:

lots of great fun and carefree times.

Aquarius and Leo Sex

aquarius and leo sex

When times are good love is explosive and visa versa.

Aquarius Compatibility with Leo Over all Score:

overall score 89%

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