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Daily Horoscope for Aquarius

Your friends and relatives hardly recognize you will that wide and shining smile spreading across your face You are feeling giddy and childlike laughing at anything resembling a joke If there is no obvious reason for this sudden and dramatic change in attitude you really dont need to go out looking for one You can simply enjoy the moment and let the party come to you While people are usually automatically attracted to you this particular trait will be amplified right now
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Aquarius – The Water Bearer

January 21st to February 19th

aquarius horoscopeThe Horoscope Aquarius sign is the 11th sign of the zodiac and it is the sign of the Water Bearer. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is the planet of violent change and revolution and it is known as the rebel planet. It’s energy is sudden, radical and unpredictable.

In many areas of the ancient world when it rained it was seen as the beginning of the new year. This month of rains was called Aquarius. Ganymede was the son of Tros, king of Phrygia. When Zeus saw Ganymede he fell in love with him and abducted him. Zeus took him to Mount Olympus where he made Ganymede to serve as cup bearer. Zeus was so taken by him that he made an image of him and put him in the night sky.

Aquarius Traits and Aquarius Personality

Webster’s dictionary describes the word ” idiosyncrasy ” as a ” peculiarity of constitution or temperament; an individualizing characteristic or quality.” Idiosyncrasy is what the Aquarian is all about. They are idealists and are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They have an innate ability to understand human nature.

Aquarius is the third air sign and it is this that gives them their idealistic and humanitarian concern for all mankind. They are ruled by the 11th House which is the House of Friends, Hopes and Aspirations. It rules groups, humanitarianism and philanthropic ideals. It also describes personal hopes and dreams.

These Uranians are by nature very practical people and it is the sign of genius. They are the scientific thinkers of all the signs because of their objectivity and do not let emotions or feelings cloud their thinking. They live and breathe in the abstract dimension and they are always analyzing situations, people, ideas etc. They are much more comfortable in groups of people rather than one on one. The freedom loving Aquarian is always looking into the future. Aquarius represents mankind’s ” truest hopes and deepest ideals.” They refuse to conform to mankind’s conventional ideas and love to shock you. They will rebel just for the fun of it.

While they are friends with everyone, Aquarians have an eccentric instability and can seem at times cold and detached. They are more comfortable in best friend relationship with their loved one and find it hard to express their feelings, and, they don’t want their partners making heavy emotional demands upon them. They don’t like that word commitment and will avoid it.

Uranians are very independent folks but yet have a strange tendency to go into hibernation every so often. They like and need their solitude. They don’t stay gone long and it’s no use in trying to coax them out of their hiding, they’ll come out when they’re good and ready to.

If someone tries to manipulate them they’re going to see just how obstinate and stubborn Aquarians can be. They have a live and let live attitude towards others and believe that individuality should be respected. You could say Aquarians are ahead of their time. If a partner does not stir their intellect they soon become quite bored and off they go in search of another friend with whom they can relate with.

Uranus gives Aquarius an intuition that leans in on psychic abilities. They seem to have a sense of knowledge without having to look for it. They believe in violent change and revolutions but you will not see the Aquarian lifting up a sword to do battle. They leave that to the other signs more willing to take up arms. They want to think and reason why this revolution and change is taking place.

Famous Aquarius Men / Famous Aquarius Women

Robbie Williams (b. Feb 13, 1974) ~ Justin Timberlake (b. Jan 31, 1981) ~ Natalie Imbruglia (b. Feb 4, 1975) ~ Seal (b. Feb 19, 1963) ~ Jennifer Aniston (b. Feb 11, 1969) ~ Rihanna (b. Feb 20, 1988) ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt (b. Feb 21, 1979) ~ Ashton Kutcher (b. Feb 7, 1978) ~ Paris Hilton (b. Feb 17, 1981) ~ Oprah Winfrey (b. Jan 29, 1954) ~ John Travolta (b. Feb 18, 1954)

Aquarius characteristics
Duality, Triplicity, Quadruplicity Masculine, Air, Fixed
Gemstones Amethyst, Aquamarine
Flowers Orchids
Ruling Planet Uranus, Named for the Ancient Greek Sky God
Cities and Countries Moscow, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Salzburg, Russia, Sweden, Israel, Iran, Poland, Ethiopia
Colors Electric Blue, Turquoise
Animals Large Birds, Especially Those Capable of Long Flight
Trees All Fruit Trees
Part of the Body Shins, Ankles, Circulatory system
Polarity Leo
Lucky Day Wednesday
Lucky Numbers 1, 7
Dominate Phrase “I Know”
Symbol The Waterbearer
Herbs Those With Sharp Flavors, Such as Pepper and Chilies
Metal Aluminum, Uranium
Tarot Swords
Vedic Sign and Symbol Kumbha, The Jug/Pot

Aquarius Birthstone / February Birthstone


Jen London


This placement is focused on brotherhood, individuality, and spiritual matters. The person with the Sun in Aquarius will love freedom, friendship, and humanity as a whole. Usually a bit eccentric, or at least different from the norm, an Aquarian Sun stands for the betterment of the world and large issues. Aquarian Suns need others to fulfill their will, as they rarely do anything that suits just them. They are always trying to make a change for the greater good. Usually giving to causes concerning the world, if an Aquarian Sun picks a charity in which to become involved, they are not only philanthropists, but also get involved with the movement on a personal level. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and when placed with the ego of the Sun, they can be very resolute in their beliefs and mental pursuits.

Aquarian Sun people would just like for everyone to get along. They do not like to see fighting amongst different peoples, or even arguments between friends. However, if a friend of an Aquarian Sun is slighted, they are inclined to choose sides with the one they believe is right, and then stand up for them. In relationships, it must be known that friendship has no barrier by gender with Aquarian Suns. Because they are highly intellectual, they can have platonic friendships with either sex easily, and will refuse to give them up in exchange for marriage. Their friends have a higher rank than anyone else in their lives does in most cases.

The person with an Aquarian Sun has to be aware of their decisions and to what level they will take their cause. Many get so involved that they find themselves “fighting for peace”, which works for no one. Also, with the fixed quality to this sign, their views may become inflexible or even stubborn in nature.

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libra rose

I swear it was an Aquarius who invented the figure of the sad clown. What are Aquarians usually known for? A computer-like, categorical intelligence; an ability to make friends with the weirdest people you can imagine; a tendency to become the weirdest people you can imagine; revolutionary attitudes. They get a bad rap for being – well – sorry to say it – robots.

But they’re really not. Especially those Aquarians with a lot of Pisces in their charts – they’re feeling robots. They care about things. They ARE that sad clown.

Aquarians have a special talent for caring about the world at large, which is admirable. However, they sometimes do this at the expense of the individuals who make up the world – particularly their world. If you’re in love with an Aquarius, accept that the highest honor is fighting injustice with them, side-by-side – their energy will almost certainly be turned outward, and the one thing they value above all in their personal lives is the freedom to go after it. You’d do well to go with them.

Think about John Lennon singing Imagine – that slightly odd voice, those weird glasses, the beauty of the idealism. That’s the best part of Aquarius, right there

Biggest Insult: Stop being so selfish!

Quickest Way to Get Aquarius into Bed: catch his or her eye at the blood drive/food drive/soup kitchen/community rally.

Most Likely to: join Doctors Without Borders.

Should Have Been Born: as Gandhi.

To Make Aquarius Forgive You: phrase your apology in terms of the world at large. Show them the bigger picture.


People born under the sign of Aquarius are born under the sign of brotherhood and freedom. As such, honesty and sincerity are the most important traits they both possess and seek. They sometimes purposely act different, but in more subtle ways.

An Aquarius makes a great friend, as there are few others who can by as loyal and sympathetic as they can be, even though this sometimes leads them to neglect their own needs. They are easy to befriend, but difficult to truly know and understand. They love meeting new people and making new acquaintances, and are rarely introverted people. They are stubborn, and a little eccentric, but almost always very determined. For the most part, an Aquarius is an intellectual, and prefers to handle matters on this level rather than a physical plane.

Relationships are difficult for an Aquarius, as they will often attach themselves to their first love, as many have a problem letting this go when and if it does take a turn for the worse. They are constant and faithful to their partners, and have a high sex drive in monogamous scenarios.

Even though they love the beauties of nature, they are materialistic in many ways. This is not to be confused with being greedy, for they take work very seriously and appreciate the fruits of their labour. An Aquarius will usually present a calm exterior to the outside world, hiding a more anxious and apprehensive inner-self. But such is the nature of the Aquarius.


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