Aquarius and Gemini – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Aquarius and Gemini – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

aquarius and gemini compatibility

Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman

The relationship between Aquarius men and Gemini women is very easy going as they enjoy each other’s company and constantly inspire each other. They have many common interests that they can work on together. They are always steady and fresh in their relationships and they usually are good friends regardless of their real relationship. Gemini women are young at heart and will always be that way. Grown up things like future predictions, suspicions, emotional turmoil and criticism are not among their traits. But Gemini is very good at computers and figures, or when they need to put a twist on a truth.

Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman

The combination of Aquarius women and Gemini men can be very interesting. Both love to explore and are friendly in nature. Both find a lot of common stuff and thus get along well. The Aquarius women are said to be intellectual and so are the Gemini men. The thing about Gemini men is that they are emotionally weak but mentally very strong. They like to be treated with love and friendly behavior and the Aquarius women just provide that. Both turn out to be very good friends even if their love relationship does not work out, which is quite rare. 

5 Pros Dish on Aquarius/ Gemini

Melissa: The Twins can overlook Aquarius’ lack of romantic tricks, and the two will see eye-to-eye while exchanging visionary ideas.

Celia: A stimulating companion, a great social life, but Aquarius’ honesty and openness sometimes has you squirming.

Jenn: You two will probably find much comfort in each other. You seem to be drawn to the Aquarius idealistic and easy-going ways and you have no desire to change the Aquarius which is a big plus for them! The Aquarius is not intimidated by your need for freedom like so many other signs tend to be. This is an easy match with a strong friendship base that should last and last.

Lidia: This can turn into something absolutely amazing over time, although there will be quite a few hiccups in the beginning, don’t lose track that this will be worth it in the end though. Commitment is not a popular avenue for either of you, but once you put this on a back burner, to think over later, you can both relax a lot more with each other to form your love into something a lot more concrete. This can hardly be a boring combination as you both crave new things to do, to keep yourselves active and mentally stimulated.

Sexually, there are also a lot of surprises waiting for you. Neither of you will ever be able to predict what your partner has in mind but this adds to the special spark you share. The only major problem you can come up against is the control an Aquarian needs to have from life and this can stop both of you from being completely honest with each other.
Laura: Together, these two could very well make the world better place, in particular if they decide to embark on a charitable path. Inwardly, Aquarius has an immense respect for Gemini’s brainiac ways and Gemini likes the idea that someone can keep up. One of two will need to be the stabilizing force within the relationship and that job will likely go to Aquarius.
Tracy: Gemini and Aquarius may possess similar levels of stamina and intellect. The could also be sociable with highly developed communication skills; making a very compatible match.

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Aquarius and Gemini Friendship

You will make great friends who will share many secrets with each other. Your other friends may be jealous of your closeness.

Gemini and Aquarius Relationship

As lovers:

You will make great friends who will share many secrets with each other. Your other friends may be jealous of your closeness.

Long-term relationship:

A gentle long term affair with your excellent communication skills always nudging the relationship in the right direction.

Short-term relationship:

Don’t push each other away at first meeting as you may be tended to. Time is a great catalyst for this mix.

Aquarius and Gemini Sex

aquarius and gemini sex

You pair can make love or have sex. You will be able to be romantic or just enjoy the physical sensations.

Aquarius Compatibility with Gemini Over all Score:

overall score 85%

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