How to do a 3 card spread tarot reading

How to do a 3 card spread tarot reading

3 card spread tarot reading -When it comes to readingĀ  cards, one of the most asked questions is how do you set the cards up for a reading. If you do not have any knowledge in the actual meanings of the cards themselves then is best for you to go out and purchase a book on tarot meanings that also offers information on tarot card layouts. Until that time you can go with this very easy to follow guide to start you off.

The first thing that is required is obviously a tarot card deck. The easiest card deck to get the hang of is the Rider Waite deck. This is the most universally known and the easiest to follow when it comes to the meanings. When you get used to this deck itself then you can move further into other different types of tarot decks or Oracle cards. When you have considered the question that you want the answers to make sure that your tarot deck has all the required cards and that none are missing, so that you don’t miss out on any information it may tell you. The second thing you want to do is make sure that the cards are shuffled thoroughly. So this will obviously make sure that the major and minor Arcana are well mixed up within the deck. The next step is not a necessity, but some readers will do a ritual before they start reading, or even meditate on the cards for the answers.

One of the easiest types of readings to do is what is called a three card spread. The first card representing the past, the second card representing the present, and the third card representing the future. 3 cards all laid out side by side. For people that believe that the future is in a fluid state the third card will represent what will happen if the situation is being asked about is not fixed. The interaction of the past, present and future is always apparent after the fact of the question at hand. For instance if you do not go to put money in the bank, then tomorrow you won’t have money available to use. So this reading is based on cause and effect, as the future events are based on what happens in the past and presently.

This is a very simplistic way for you to do a three card reading by yourself in the comfort of your own home. Remember that this is in reference to you physically having the cards in front of you and not with the use of a computerized reading on the internet. The reason why it’s better to do it yourself in this case is that it is running off of your own personalized energy. When it comes to how to read the cards or how to use cards nothing beats getting a reading from a professional psychic reader or tarot reader. This way the answers are not left to chance and there is less likely an opportunity for the reading to be misinterpreted.

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